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Operating System Windows 10 Home in S mode Processor & Chipset Intel Celeron N4000 Model Processor Speed 1.10 GHz (Dual-core (2 Core™)) Screen Size: 35.6 cm (14") Standard Memory: 4 GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Card Supported: SD 64GB

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Why is my laptop not charging

why is not loghiting and it deos not charge

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Hi @juniorcabane

Use a DMM (digital multimeter) to check if there's 19V DC on the output plug of the charger. If you don't have a DMM then try using a another known working, compatible charger and check it works OK when charging the laptop.

If the charger is OK then here's the video that shows how to open the laptop that may help.

At this stage all you need to do is to locate and unplug the DC-In jack cable (example only) from the motherboard and then use a DMM to check if there's 19V DC when measuring between the red and black wires on the cable plug, with the charger connected to the jack as per normal.

If there is no voltage detected then the jack is faulty and it will need to be replaced as it cannot be repaired. Search online for Acer Aspire A114-31 DC-In jack to find suppliers that suit you best.

If the correct voltage detected, then the schematics for the motherboard would be required to find out what's wrong.

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