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The HP PSC 2410 All-In-One is just that – it is a fax machine, scanner, printer, and copier. It was released in August of 2003 by Hewlett Packard.

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Sending and receiving a fax

I need to know how to find out what the number is for my fax for that I am able to send a fax and then the person I send the fax to is able to send one back.

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taylor parker, the fax number is the same as the phone number for the jack that it is plugged into. If your printer has a phone jack connector for a telephone, plug it in and call someone, like your own cellphone. Your number will show up. That will be the number for your fax. If you are using your fax from home, it will be your home number:-)

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It may not be the most elegant way to find out, but you could send a fax to someone and have them tell you what number it is coming from.

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