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The TomTom ONE is a base model automobile navigation device. The first TomTom ONE was released in November, 2005.

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Does not respond to screen commands?

"TomTom One left in car 4 days in excessive heat. I tried resetting it and got the same response. When I hooked up the TomTom to my MAC, the TomTom ask if I wanted to connect to a computer? I taped 'YES' and the screen never changes. Can this TomTom be fixed? Thanks for your time, Kurt"

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Kurt, I would start taking it apart and seeing if there is some obvious damage. If none, replace the screen. It is possible that your digitizer has failed. Here is the guide for it. The digitizer is available at places like this and this and many others. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Dear oldturkey03,

Thanks for your response. I followed your instructions and inside all looks clean. Have you ever replaced the digitizer on a TomTom One? Looks like a very complicated operation. The 2nd vendors you posted said it takes a very experienced technician to successfully replace it. Kurt


Kurt, take a look at the guide TomTom ONE Screen Replacement It is doable and I am certain it is not as complicated as the person told you.:)


Dear oldturkey03,

Thanks for responding. The Guide only shows how to open the unit. I have done everything the guide shows.



Right through the end? This guide should show you hot to replace the screen....:-) from step 6 through 8...


Dear oldturkey03, I feel like a hypocrite calling you that. I'm 59 and I am red faced. My handle should be "dumb oldturkey" because I did not notice the "next" button located next to the last picture on the 1st page. Thanks for your patience. I can do this repair. God bless you brother. Kurt


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