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Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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Replacement Touchscreen Erratic

I recently replaced my touchscreen using the kit from ifixit.

Initially it seemed like everything was working fine. Now it frequently stops responding, registers touches in places I'm not touching and begins typing when I'm not touching anything.

I've reset all settings, done a hard reset, and preformed a software restore.

I can usually get it to respond by locking it then unlocking it. So if it stops responding completely, I can lock it, and then slide to unlock works. Seems weird to me.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?



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Did you have any strange behaviour befor you changed the touchscreen? What forced you to do that - could whatever happened have damaged the input circuitry?


My 2 year old decided that "his iPhone" (sounds more like 'my i-own') would make a good hammer. This, as you would imagine, shattered the screen.

While trying to decide what to do, the iPhone worked flawlessly, I just got tiny shards of glass in my finger if I played solitaire too long, or swiped too vigorously.

So, while it may have damaged the circuitry, it doesn't appear to have been the case.

As a side note, the comment/vs answer thing is a little weird here.


A couple notes.

ifixit is sending out a replacement screen which is super, hopefully that fixes it. Before I actually try to replace it again, I'll triple check the cables.

Another thing I thought of. When removing the glass from the plastic part with the home button and other stuff, I ended up having to remove the rubber gasket that surrounds the screen. I've tried covering the area around the screen and it doesn't seem to affect it. Just thought I'd make sure I added all pertinent info.


Before I replaced the glass again, I checked the cables. That helped, but the problem returned.

Then I replaced the glass again, which helped temporarily.

I noticed that every time I reopened it, the cable marked 1 seemed to be loose.

I took a couple of small pieced of gaffers tape and stacked them on top of the cable and crammed the screen back in place.

Things work better, but I occasionally have to press the glass in the area where cable #1 connects.

At least for now it is tolerable.


I've changed 3 different touchscreens on my 3G. Each of them periodically ceased to react to touches and only pressing of buttons Power, then Home forced touchscreen to work normally.


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Sounds like a loose connection.

There are three ribbon cables connection the Display assembly to the rest of the phone. the smallest connection which is the digitizer connection can be difficult to connect.

Try reopening the phone and reconnecting all the ribbon cables.


iPhone 3G Display Replacement

For more details on the connections.

Let us know how it works out for you.


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I second the above poster- sounds like you got a cable loose.


Good Morning,

i fixed my 3G front panel few weeks ago with parts from ifixit and resolved the same problems as mentioned by thepeel above. The touchscreen stopped responding frequently until i lock my phone and then unlock it again.

Now i removed those two skrews near the dock connector an lifted my front panel once again to check the cable connections. Let's hope the dis- and reconnecting of the cables did solve the problem now. I will post a feedback wether it does work now or not end of this week.

- Jonas

// Update 2009-01-08 //

Finally I'm back. Two days ago I had the same problems with my touchscreen (3G) after the replacement of my front panel as thepeel described above. It stopped responding every now an then, which could only be fixed by locking and then unlocking the phone again. After this, the touchscreen worked fine for a while until it stopped responding again...

So I reopened my iPhone front panel an lifted it up to check the connection of the ribbon cables, especially cable no. 3 as mentioned in step 6 of the front panel replacement guide: iPhone 3G Display Replacement

I disconnected each of the cables, carefully connected them again and closed my phone.

Now, this is my feedback: It works!

Everyone who's got the same problems with a not responding touchscreen - check your front panel cable connections, especially the one for the digitizer!

Have a nice weekend

- Jonas


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mine doesn't work even though i already disconnect cable #1,2,3 and connect it again :'(

how do i know i have connect it wrongly? maybe the position is 1mm away from the right position?

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Same here :(

How did you get a fix? Can you share your solution?


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