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With help on the most common issues please visit. - Eclipse 180BL Troubleshooting

Most issues can be fixed at home in as little as 10 minutes. For you most up-to-date information on the repair process, and to better diagnose your device, please take a look.

Background and Identification

This is the Eclipse 180BL portable media player, manufactured by Mach Speed in 2006. It has been on the market for almost a decade, and still is going strong. Many indicating markers are located on the device, for example, most devices read on the back "Eclipse 180BL", followed by the specific memory for that device. This device has a 8GB internal memory and can connect to any home computer setup windows 98' and older as well as all Apple MacBooks 2001 and older. The portable device is charged with a regular USB port, which is located on the bottom left on the device. The touch control pad feature five buttons, with a "M" at the top. The device is available in BLUE, and RED for the outer casing.

Additional Information

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