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If there are any difficulties with the HP Mini 210-199DX, try using the troubleshooting guide.

Background and Identification

The HP Mini 210 was released in July 2010. HP decorates the back of the lid with a pink-and-white tartan pattern that it carries over to the touch pad and bottom panel, while the actual keyboard and keyboard tray are solid pink. The island-style keyboard has flat, widely spaced keys that are easy to use, and smartly includes full-size Shift keys. It has a long-battery life, 8 hours, an average of 8 hours. The 1199DX has a 93% full size keyboard and 25.7 cm 9(10.1') diagonal screen plus built-in wireless LAN. The dimensions of the device is 10.55 x 6.9 x 1 inch screen and weighs approximately three pounds.

Additional Information

HP Support: Mini 210-2070NR

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