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If you are experiencing problems with the Hp pavilion x360 try our troubleshooting page. Click Here.

Background and Identification

The HP Pavilion 360x has a 11.6” screen size with a display resolution of 1366x768 pixels with an Intel HP integrated graphics card. The processor speed of the device is 2.16 GHz Intel Turbo N2840.

There are a few similar devices to the HP Pavilion 360x 11-p110nr which include the HP Pavilion 360x Convertible laptop and HP Pavilion X360 11-n010dx

The defining features of the device include a power button on the left side of the base of the device right next to the fan vent. It has a bead-like design near the touch pad, they appear like small bumps. In addition, the speakers of the device are on the bottom of the device, meaning that they are covered when they are placed on a table. They are put in two circular groups.

Additional information

Video review of the Hp Pavilion x360 11-p110nr.

To update the driver and software you can click on this link.

A user guide if further assistance is needed.

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