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If you are having trouble with Hover-1 Nomad operation, click here to view its troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Nomad is a hoverboard released by Hover-1 in 2018. The Nomad comes equipped with two LED headlights and a Bluetooth speaker. In addition, the hoverboard can pair to your smartphone via the Hover-1 App to modify speed and handling settings.

This Hover-1 model is identified by the model number HY-NOMD and the name HOVER-1 NOMAD on the label underneath the right side of the hoverboard.

The Nomad is a hoverboard-styled electric scooter used for easy everyday transportation. This hoverboard includes a 36V lithium-ion battery manufactured by Shenzhen Handpack Technology Co. with the model number HPK-40. The Nomad can reach a maximum speed of 7.45 mph and can travel up to 8 miles. The Nomad weighs 27.6 pounds, has 8.5-inch wheels, and can operate with load weights of 44 to 220 pounds.

The Hover-1 Nomad resembles the flagship Hover-1 Beast, but the Beast is heavier and has larger wheels.

Additional Information

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Hover-1 Support and Troubleshooting Page

Hover-1 Nomad Operation Manual

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