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Find out what's wrong with your machine with the Krups 963 troubleshooting guide.

The Krups Espresso Mini is a 4-cup household espresso maker equipped with a 'Perfect Forth' attachment. It was released by the German kitchen appliance manufacturer Krups in 1985. The model number is 963. About 1,472,000 were distributed to retail stores from 1985 to 1992. Although this model is no longer being distributed, it is still relatively easy to find.

The words "min/max" are written on the filter holder for most of these machines. It should be noted that this does not refer to the strength of the coffee, but to how well the mechanism is locked in place. If it's loose, steam pressure can cause the mechanism to fall off onto the glass carafe, and shatter it. For those interested, Krups is offering stickers that say "lock" to put over the "min/max".

Identifying the Krups Espresso mini is very easy. Simply check the bottom of your machine. It should read, "Krups type 963 household espresso maker".

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