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Here you will find potential problems your device may have. Lenovo S20-30 Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

The Lenovo S20-30 is a low-priced netbook designed to be easy portable weighing 1.3 kg with an 11.6 in. display. It contains Wi-Fi, webcam, two speakers, and is non-touchscreen. This netbook is built slim and comes with anti-glare display, USB 3.0 and an accutype keyboard. It was manufactured in 2010 for Lenovo PC HK and made in China.

It is known to have relatively good performance, smart finish, decent battery life and cheap. However, the memory cannot be upgraded, it has the superfish adware, it has a massive power supply and the keyboard flexes.

Model 20421 is the model number for this device. This is located on the sticker at the bottom back of your Lenovo S20-30 netbook next to product name.

Additional Information

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