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If you are having difficulties with the Protocol Kaptur Drone, check out the Troubleshooting Page.

Background and Identification

Drone's defining features include:

- Drone that allows live stream aerial feed in HD.

- Streams through unique Wi-Fi signal which allows the ability to share images in real time with a mobile device.

- Adjustable VR headset that allows user to view the footage in virtual reality.

- Kit comes with a 4GB memory card for photo and video storage, remote control, VR headset and drone.

- The drone has built in geo-fencing, and GPS features to allow drone to return to home automatically.

To find the model number for the Protocol Kaptur GPS, look on the bottom of the drone where a five digit code will be printed.

Before flying, check out this link to make sure drone flight is allowed in your area.

Additional Information

Protocol Kaptur Website Page

Protocol Kaptur on Amazon

Video Setup of Protocol Kaptur

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