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Follow the Texas Instruments TI-80 Troubleshooting Guide for more details.

Background and Identification

The Texas Instruments TI-80 graphing calculator was originally designed in 1995. It is intended for middle school students. This graphing calculator is designed for Algebra through Precalculus based mathematics. The TI-80 has a large screen size with 64x48 pixels and 16x8 characters display. Internally it contains a 980 KHz CPU and 7K RAM memory. Like the TI-81, it has no link port and is not intended for serious programming. The TI-80 features a graphical analysis, function values, roots, intersections, maximums, minimums, derivatives, and integrals. The TI-80 is capable of defining, saving, and graphing up to four functions and six parametric equations at a time.

The TI-80 model is no longer being manufactured by Texas Instruments.

Technical Specifications

  • Display Size: 64 x 48 pixels, 16 x 8 characters
  • Frequency: 980 kHz
  • User Accessible Memory: 7 KB of RAM

Additional Information

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