If you are having an issue with the motherboard (or any of its ports: HDMI, USB, etc.) and need to replace it, this is the guide for you. Be aware that any replacement or teardown beyond the hard drive voids the Sony warranty

Removing the motherboard separates the original thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink. Before you reassemble your device, reapply a new layer of thermal paste. Follow this guide to learn how.

  1. Flip the PS4 upside down on its top.
    • Flip the PS4 upside down on its top.

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  2. Remove the four stickers from the back of the PS4.
    • Remove the four stickers from the back of the PS4.

    • Removing any of these stickers voids your warranty with Sony.

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    • Remove the four 9mm TR9 Security Torx screws from the back of the PS4.

    Depending on the model of PS4, (i.e. CHU-1001A vs. CHU-1215A) it may only have the two screws in the center, not the edge ones.

    Sawyer Coe - Yanıt

    • With the device upside down, lift up on the back side of the device to remove the bottom cover.

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    • Remove the three 9mm TR9 Security Torx screws on the power supply.

    • Remove the two 4mm Phillips #1 screws.

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    • Disconnect the power supply connector from the power supply.

    • Lift the power supply unit to remove it from the case.

    you need to lift the power board/box up vertically first as there are 2 long prongs extending up into the box. if you try to lift just one end you will bend the prongs.

    pollytintop - Yanıt

    has anyone used any of these guys, i don't fancy doing it

    Damian - Yanıt

    during this step it exposes a black phillips head screw at least on some models(such as mine) this screw mates the metal sandwich around the motherboard together. I was unable to perform step 19 until I released this Black short Phillips screw.

    gfinch1 - Yanıt

    I just came across this screw at the same time. It is extremely stuck and I'm afraid to strip it. Any ideas?

    Richard Maya -

    The picture shows the power supply connector being removed from the main board instead of the power supply. This conflicts with the instructions which are correct given how it was most likely put together.

    Clay W - Yanıt

    This is a poor instruction. Obviously you need to lift the psu out first but on my white ps4 it simply won't budge on one side. Now I'm stuck already.

    Rainer De Temple - Yanıt

    Rainer, look at pollytintop’c comment. Lift vertically and you will get to next step. I used a screwdriver on the side opposite the fan, but I am a savage in many ways. If you insist on treating it delicately a small suction or powerful tape might work.

    We may not all make it back. Good luck

    Mello - Yanıt

    Guten Tag,

    an dem Mainboard meiner PS4 ist die Buchse mit den Metallstücken drin, wo man den Stecker des Netzteils reinsteckt, abgebrochen. Als ich das Netzteil rausnehmen wollte, habe ich viel zu fest gezogen und nun ist es ab.


    Welche Methoden gäbe es dieses Problem zu beheben?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    JotEssYT - Yanıt

    • Disconnect the ribbon wire from the optical drive by pressing down on the metal release tab and gently pulling the ribbon wire. This should not require force.

    • Disconnect the same ribbon wire from the motherboard; making sure you're pressing down on the metal release tab and gently pulling the ribbon wire.

    If your PS4 eject button doesn’t respond/work and it doesn’t accept discs ( it doesn’t beep or nothing happens when you touch the eject button and it doesn’t make noise when you try to put a disc in and doesn’t take it) it could be because you took the wire ribbon out the optical drive or motherboard the wrong way and did not press down on the metal tab. ( like I did ) the wire ribbon should have these tiny “wings” on both sides and on both ends. Easy and very cheap fix. Ordered a new ribbon wire on amazon for $12!!! Better then buying a new PS4!!!!

    manny730 - Yanıt

    Any way to get one of those wings out ? One of them broke off as I was pulling the cable out and is stuck.

    Luke Griffiths -

    Attention, pour sortir la nappe de connection du lecteur optique, il faut appuyer sur la lame métallique du connecteur avant de tirer sur la nappe, c’est un verrou.

    LOPAT - Yanıt

    • Unplug the optical drive cord from the motherboard.

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    • Remove the wifi cord from the motherboard.

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    • Remove the four 9mm TR9 Security Torx screws.

    • Remove the 5mm Phillips #1 screw.

    Mine on the bottom right near the board was a 5mm Phillips #1 instead of the expected 9mm Torx screw. Also, I have a shield plate covering my (or my customer's) board here.

    CPR Matthews, NC - Yanıt

    Mine is the same

    Jesse King - Yanıt

    Model Cuh1001a

    Jesse King - Yanıt

    • Remove the wifi antenna.

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    • Lift the optical drive up and remove it from the system.

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    • Flip the system over and remove the left top panel by pressing it back and lifting up.

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    • Remove the two 9mm TR9 Security Torx screws.

    • Remove the 5mm Phillips #1 screw.

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    • Pull out and remove the hard drive from the system.

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    • Lift up on the front of the top cover and slide backwards.

    my right corner, by the ps4 logo, was VERY snug, it took me a few minutes to pop that corner off, took a decent amount of force to pop it off

    theyoonion - Yanıt

    • Remove the twelve 9mm TR9 Security Torx screws.

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    • Remove the two 9mm Phillips head #1 screws.

    • Remove the metal support bracket.

    Danach muss auf der Innenseite noch eine schwarze Schraube gelöst werden, sonst kann man die Abdeckung und auch nicht Mainboard lösen.

    Maik Heidemann - Yanıt

    • Lift up and remove the metal covering.

    On some PS4 consoles there is a small black Phillips head screw under the PSU securing the metal cover to the midframe of the console. If you do not remove this screw you will not be able to remove the metal cover, and run the risk of damaging it, or the motherboard.

    Jordan Troxel - Yanıt

    • Disconnect the three wire plug from the motherboard by gently prying upwards and away from the motherboard.

    What can i do if i broke these three little prongs?

    Josh Turner - Yanıt

    2 options 1 make a new contact, 2 buy a New fan as it is The fan contact ;)

    Karl eriksson -

    Which kind of connector is this?

    robbitara - Yanıt

    Hab meine Halterung auch Abgebrochen.

    Das Komplette “ding” ist vom Mainboard/PCB Abgebrochen…

    Was kann man tun?

    Cem Ce - Yanıt

    I accidentally pulled the little red cord out from the white casings. Can I shove it back or do I need a new fan?

    Hobocop - Yanıt

    • Lift up and remove the motherboard from the system.

    • Removing the motherboard separates the original thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink. Before you reassemble your device, reapply a new layer of thermal paste. Follow this guide to learn how.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Regarding the three wire plug in step 20 - is there a good way to repair this piece if, say, you pulled the wires out of the connector by accident? is there a place to get a replacement part?

Ryan Statz - Yanıt

how would i know which mother board and paired optical drive is compatible with my ps4 model?

chandra sekhar - Yanıt

I have tried to replace the hdmi port however being somewhat of an idiot I slipped and knocked off onto the little black squares just behind the port on the left hand side. Does anyone know what these are?

Geoff Parker - Yanıt

contacts of the motherboard

lillarrypimp1993 -

You may be talking about capacitors that are critically important for the unit to function.

South30 -

Ok so I was taking mine apart, and while I was separating the ribbon wire from the optical drive during step 7, I broke the top off the connector by accident. I thought I could fix it with hot glue, but my ps4 doesn't read disks (at all, doesn't even know there's a disk in the drive). Is there a way to repair this without getting a new drive?

jonathanhart54 - Yanıt

when I bought the replacement motherboard and optical drive and installed everything, I got a message saying connect USB with software update. Is this because I'm using my original hdd from my original mobo+ optical drive that is different from the hdd my replacement parts came with?

Quaymetsu - Yanıt

Could you please tell me where you bought a replacement motherboard from as i've been looking everywhere!?

Roger flaps -

Does your blu-ray drive still work on the new motherboard? I seem to recall on the PS3 that the blu-ray drive was tied to a console, I assume you had to reformat the HDD also?

Andrew Fox - Yanıt

Am I able to buy just the motherboard without buying the optical driver? and if so or not how will I know which one to buy?

Jeff deem - Yanıt

Cómo saber que tarjeta es la indicada

Oscar Mora - Yanıt

Es q tengo una ps4 slim y la tarjeta está dañada pero nose cual es la indicada xq trae unos números y nose si afecta en algo

Oscar Mora - Yanıt

Por favor la respuesta a mi correo gracias ::

Oscar Mora - Yanıt

Desarme la ps4 la limpie arme y andaba…resultado que cuando saque la fuente de alimentación desconecte un pin que que está en la placa base es blanco con unas fichas lo solde e igual no funciona …le pasa corriente pero muy poca que puede ser ayudaaaa

pablolopez 19 - Yanıt ayuda …es mi correo alguna

pablolopez 19 - Yanıt

Boa tarde, meu playstation 4 não consigo conectar os controles nas portas USB, ambas não funcionam, já utilizei um teste de porta USB, ambas não funcionam, alguém tem uma ideia?

medron - Yanıt

Brought a used ps4 any idea how to remove the ribbon port of the motherboad step by step to replace. Someone put crazy glue on it..

Ramon Camacho - Yanıt

im thinking of running for president

Zany Boy - Yanıt

Thanks for this informative post <a href=""></a>

buyplaystation - Yanıt

You cannot just replace the motherboard on a PS4. The motherboard is married to the logic board on the blu-ray drive. Swapping the motherboard without carrying over the original logic board will render the drive useless.

Will - Yanıt

I ordered a new HDMI port because it was just a black screen but the receivers on the motherboard are worn down, what should I do

Josh coates - Yanıt

Hi Iwas cleaning my ps4 and pull the power connection and it is lose I bought another ps4 and tried to put my hard drive in the new one but doesn’t work. Somebody can help me. It’s posible just to change the mother board I have a lot of games there. Thanks

Josue hernandez - Yanıt

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