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The simplest method is simply to hammer a nail through the drive, which will shatter the disk. A 25mmx2.5mm masonary nail is ideal - a larger nail will be harder to withdraw and therer will be a greater chance of shards escaping through the hole. Ordinary wood nails will simply bend.

Place the drive on a piece of scrap wood on a firm surface such as a concrete floor or a strong workbench. Holding the nail (preferably) with pliers, hammer it into and through the drive at the chosen point.

The nail doesn't have to go right through and into the scrap wood, so long as you can see that it has begun to penetrate the circuit board on the reverse of the drive.

If, having penetrated the top cover the nail refuses to smash or penetrate the disk it's very likely that this is one of the few having a metal platter. The alternative method described in the next step will work very well.

Shake the shards away from the nail before attempting to pull it out. If you used a claw hammer then you can use the claw to pull out the nail very easily, otherwise use the pliers.

To be sure, drive the nail through at a second point roughly diametrically opposite.

Cover both holes with stick tape of any sort.

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