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After the new screen is fixed in, start the re-assembly. This is effectively the same as disassembly, but in reverse. There were only a couple of parts that I'd make note of:

a) Keep an eye on the display cable that comes in through the top. Mine got caught on the double sided tape, and needed to be pulled through.

b) You will need to use a little bit of force to mount the processor unit between the four plastic clips. Be careful when doing this. (shown in step 10)

c) I completely removed the double sided tape from under the battery and under the plastic case. I figured that if I need to go back into the phone, I wouldn't want to deal with the tape again. I'm glad I did, because the first screen was a dud.

d) If you lose any of the yellow plastic cable stickers, you can borrow a piece from your old display assembly.

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