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Learn how to replace your iPhone 8 Plus screen. This part comes with the front facing camera, earpiece speaker, and EMI shield already installed, making for an easier repair. If your screen did not come with those things pre-installed, follow this guide instead.

All you need to do is remove the old screen and transfer the home button to the new screen, in order for Touch ID to function.

Note: If your iPhone’s auto brightness feature does not work properly after your screen repair, make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS 12. True Tone functionality is disabled after a screen replacement, even when using an original Apple screen.

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  1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Pentalobe Screws: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • Before you begin, discharge your iPhone battery below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured.

    • Power off your iPhone before beginning disassembly.

    • Remove the two 3.5 mm pentalobe screws from the bottom edge of the iPhone.

    • Opening the iPhone's display will compromise its waterproof seals. Have replacement seals ready before you proceed past this step, or take care to avoid liquid exposure if you reassemble your iPhone without replacing the seals.

    what do I do about super stripped screws?

    Ean Palacios - Yanıt

    I’m sorry, your comment slipped past my radar earlier. For future fixers that might see this and ask the same question, you can check out our stripped screw guide for some detailed advice.

    Adam O'Camb -

    Do you need a toolkit like the essential toolkit

    Adam Palmer - Yanıt

    Hi Adam. Having a tool kit with all of the listed parts above is best. The screw heads are very small and each set of screws needs a very specific type of driver to remove them without stripping any of them.

    Kyle Luksa -

  2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Taping Over The Display: adım 2, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Taping Over The Display: adım 2, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Taping Over The Display: adım 2, 3 resimden 3.
    • If your display glass is cracked, keep further breakage contained and prevent bodily harm during your repair by taping over the glass.

    • Lay overlapping strips of clear packing tape over the iPhone's display until the whole face is covered.

    • This will keep glass shards contained and provide structural integrity when prying and lifting the display.

    • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any glass shaken free during the repair.

    • If the broken glass makes it difficult to get a suction cup to stick in the next few steps, try folding a strong piece of tape (such as duct tape) into a handle and lifting the display with that instead.

    Tape doesn’t hold. suction cup doesn’t work. Tape folded over doesn’t work as a handle. I’ve used 3m’ s Gorilla duct tape. The glass is so shattered I cant get a point started to remove the glass. Phone has been in an otter box for years. dropped it and shattered glass while replacing case. Now what?

    Martin Speedy - Yanıt

    When all else fails, you can superglue your suction cup (or tape) to the display, wait for it to cure, and pull.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    I had issues getting the suction cup to stick on my cracked screen, so I tried using scotch tape (only tape I had around), but it didn’t work. This best thing I did was to forcefully pry the screen off (I wasn’t worried about damages because it’s already cracked) with the spudger. I think its best to find something stickier (like Duct Tape) and used that to lift up the screen.

    Definitely surprised how sticky the adhesive was.

    Jeffrey Robinos - Yanıt

    When using packing tape: the suction won’t hold well with the overlapping pieces, so add a square of tape where you want to put the suction cup, so it will provide an unbroken surface for the seal.

    Christa - Yanıt

    It’s amazing how a heat gun or hair dryer makes life easier to soften up the adhesive. Then use a thin iSesame opening tool to get in under the screen (start @ 90 degrees/vertical either side of the home button & slowly go horizontal) the need to use suction cups. Run the opening tool along the front and down both sides to cut the adhesive before trying to lift the screen.

    Cheers Wayne

    Wayne Lyell - Yanıt

    I didn’t have a hair dryer so I (gingerly) used an iron over some wet coffee filters (I mean , it is waterproof) . Then, quickly dried i off with paper towels, used gorilla tape and my fixit metal splunger . worked like a charm .

    MajorCouillon - Yanıt

    What about baby cracks? skip to step 3 or not…

    Andruw Holland - Yanıt

    As others have mentioned, suction cup and tape doesn’t work. I used the blade of a box cutter (watch fingers) and inserted just below and right of home button. Then moved spudger along the crack to tear adhesive/seal. Easy peasy.

    Stephen Smith - Yanıt

  3. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Opening Procedure: adım 3, 1 resimden 1.
    • Heating the lower edge of the iPhone will help soften the adhesive securing the display, making it easier to open.

    • Use a hairdryer or prepare an iOpener and apply it to the lower edge of the iPhone for about 90 seconds in order to soften up the adhesive underneath.

  4. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 4, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 4, 2 resimden 2.
    • Apply a suction cup to the lower half of the front panel, just above the home button.

    • Be sure the suction cup does not overlap with the home button, as this will prevent a seal from forming between the suction cup and front glass.

    • If your display is badly cracked, covering it with a layer of clear packing tape may allow the suction cup to adhere. Alternatively, very strong tape may be used instead of the suction cup. If all else fails, you can superglue the suction cup to the broken screen.

    Warning ! If you pull too hard (reheat the underside of the display again), you create an gap of air between the glass and the lcd display !

    When you replace the display assembly you end up with gray stains on the display.

    Result: you have to buy a new display (assembly).

    Arnoud - Yanıt

    Using just the single suction cup that is included in the battery replacement kit probably wouldn’t open the device. An iOpener and an iSlack should be the recommended method. However, you can get it open with just the single suction cup and iOpener, but does take a lot of time.

    Get an iOpener and iSlack with the battery replacement kit.

    Chris - Yanıt

    I used a flat x-acto (#18) blade knife tool to gently pry back the screen enough to allow me to insert the pick near the bottom corner. I then worked the pick under the screen as mentioned in steps 5 & 6 below then. This worked really well for me.

    Kyle Luksa - Yanıt

    I used the suction cup without heating the phone - the adhesive came away quite easily without applying any heat. Maybe due to age of phone (nearly 4 years old). Worth trying.

    Ben Vinnerd - Yanıt

    I can’t get the single suction cup to work. Hate being stuck on the simplest step!

    Donny - Yanıt

    My screen was very shattered, and was quite hard to get suction, as my tape was very low quality. However, after pulling it up a little bit, I was able to insert a regular razor blade into the very small gap and used that as a lever.

    Michael Scroop - Yanıt

  5. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 5, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 5, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 5, 3 resimden 3.
    • Pull up on the suction cup with firm, constant pressure to create a slight gap between the front panel and rear case.

    • Insert an opening pick or other thin pry tool a few millimeters into the gap.

    • The watertight adhesive holding the display in place is very strong; creating this initial gap takes a significant amount of force. If you're having a hard time opening a gap, apply more heat, and gently rock the screen up and down to weaken the adhesive until you create enough of a gap to insert your tool.

    After multiple tries and using a very hot iOpener, it will not open.

    Kenneth Ewald, Sr. - Yanıt

    In sheer frustration, I pulled out my trusty pocket knife and managed to lift the bottom of the screen slightly, but in the process, cracked the glass from the bottom to the home button. The case is open now.

    Kenneth Ewald, Sr. - Yanıt

    this was by far the most difficult part. be diligent and follow the “firm and constant pressure” guide... the “gap” will be extremely “slight”. you will be able to slide a corner of the pry tool even if you cannot see the gap.

    Colleen V - Yanıt

  6. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 6, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 6, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 6, 3 resimden 3.
    • Slide your pick around the corner and up the left edge of the phone, moving towards the volume control buttons and silent switch, breaking up the adhesive holding the display in place.

    • Stop near the top left corner of the display.

    Do not go over the top otherwise you can crack the screen. Sadly happened to me :(

    The instruction should be:

    “Stop near BUT BEFORE REACHING the top left corner of the display”

    Leonardo Piga - Yanıt

  7. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 7, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 7, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 7, 3 resimden 3.
    • Re-insert your tool at the lower right corner of the iPhone, and slide it around the corner and up the right side of the phone to separate the adhesive.

    • Don't insert the pick very far, or you may damage the display cables along this side of the iPhone. Insert it only a few millimeters, or about the width of the display bezel.

    I had really good luck using a hairdryer on some of the more stubborn portions of adhesive.

    Jessica Kirsh - Yanıt

  8. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 8, 1 resimden 1.
    • Gently pull up on the suction cup to lift up the bottom edge of the display.

    • Do not raise the display more than 15º or you'll risk straining or tearing the ribbon cables connecting the display.

  9. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 9, 1 resimden 1.
    • Pull on the small nub on the suction cup to remove it from the front panel.

  10. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 10, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 10, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 10, 3 resimden 3.
    • Slide an opening pick underneath the display along the top edge of the phone to loosen the last of the adhesive.

    Be very careful at this step. The glass at the top will break very easy when the display is lifted too much.

    Gerdschi D - Yanıt

  11. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 11, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 11, 2 resimden 2.
    • Slide the display assembly slightly down (away from the top edge of the phone) to disengage the clips holding it to the rear case.

  12. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 12, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 12, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 12, 3 resimden 3.
    • Open the iPhone by swinging the display up from the left side, like the back cover of a book.

    • Don't try to fully separate the display yet, as several fragile ribbon cables still connect it to the iPhone's logic board.

    • Lean the display against something to keep it propped up while you're working on the phone.

    Das “links” ist auf dem Foto rechts.

    Matze Diamond - Yanıt

    Das ist falsch. Wenn man auf das iPhone sieht, ist der Home Button unten. Auf dem Photo ist deutlich sichtbar, dass die linke Seite angehoben wird.

    Hans - Yanıt

    • Remove four Phillips (JIS) screws securing the lower display cable bracket to the logic board, of the following lengths:

    • Two 1.3 mm screws

    • One 1.4 mm screw

    • One 2.7 mm screw

    • Throughout this guide, keep careful track of your screws so that each one goes back where it came from during reassembly. Installing a screw in the wrong place can cause permanent damage.

  13. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 14, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove the lower display cable bracket.

  14. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 15, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 15, 2 resimden 2.
    • Use the point of a spudger to pry the battery connector up from its socket on the logic board.

    • Bend the connector cable up slightly to prevent it from accidentally making contact with the socket and providing power to the phone during your repair.

    When I reassembled the iPhone 8 Plus, I had to plug it into a Lightning cable to wake it up (just pushing power button wasn’t sufficient).

    browniestarmite - Yanıt

  15. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Display Assembly: adım 16, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Display Assembly: adım 16, 2 resimden 2.
    • Use the tip of a spudger or a fingernail to disconnect the large lower display connector by prying it straight up from its socket.

    • To re-attach press connectors like this one, press down on one side until it clicks into place, then repeat on the other side. Do not press down on the middle. If the connector is even slightly misaligned, the connector can bend, causing permanent damage.

    I got hold of a iPhone 8 Plus with cracked screen that I am planning to fix.

    Here is my problem:

    When I tried to take out the screen from my phone, (step 15-18) I was curious about the new screen, so I tried to connect it. It was completely dead! Then I tried the old cracked one, and suddenly that was dead to! This is a phone that some fool has been inside earlier and changed battery, but I suspect he has done some more really stupid things. The Taptic Engine is living its own life and vibrating every time I slightly touch the home button. (I have a new Taptic Engine) The phone is also full of dust and small particles that does not belong there. One tri-point Y000 screw (step 18) is even missing! Now the biggest problem is that both screens are black! I know the phone is on, because I hear voice command speak when I turn on the power. The screen worked before I tried to change it? And one last thing: My new LCD screen came with new flex cables. Is it possible to switch over, so I can use the old ones?

    smikalsen - Yanıt


    Is your problem solved?

    Daniel Leprince -

  16. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 17, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 17, 2 resimden 2.
    • Disconnect the second lower display cable connector, directly behind the one you disconnected in the previous step.

    I used the other end of the spudger on this connector and it seemed to work a little better for me. I came in from underneath the top-right edge instead of the bottom right.

    Jessica Kirsh - Yanıt

  17. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 18, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 18, 2 resimden 2.
    • Remove the two tri-point Y000 screws securing the bracket over the front panel sensor assembly connector:

    • One 1.0 mm screw

    • One 1.2 mm screw

    una vite da 1mm e due viti da 1.2 mm???

    Matteo Carachino - Yanıt

    Ciao Matteo! Grazie per l’osservazione. Ho appena modificato il testo :) La traduzione è aperta a tutti. Hai quindi la possibilità di fare le tue suggestione direttamente nel testo e sei il benvenuto se vuoi usare di questa possibilità nel futuro. Grazie ancora per la vigilanza! Saluti, Claire

    Claire Miesch -

    The tool kit does include a 1.0 or1.2mm screwdriver! How am I supposed to remove those screws?

    peter frommer - Yanıt

    Bought the screwdriver that supposedly fits these screws and it still doesn’t work.

    hypercarduser - Yanıt

    My bracket looks different. Can’t get these screws out.

    Ray Rushing - Yanıt

    kit came with wrong bit. i received 2x P02 (penta tips) and no tri point y000.

    Christopher Shane Gripp - Yanıt

    There is no such thing as a trigger point y000 screwdriver. Why couldn't they use Philips like the rest of the screws.Nobody knows what these trips point y000 even look like. this is a scam to force you to buy a new phone.

    Al tb - Yanıt

  18. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 19, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove the bracket covering the front panel sensor assembly connector.

  19. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 20, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 20, 2 resimden 2.
    • Use the tip of a spudger or a fingernail to disconnect the front panel sensor assembly connector from its socket.

  20. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 21, 1 resimden 1.
  21. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Home/Touch ID Sensor: adım 22, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement, Home/Touch ID Sensor: adım 22, 2 resimden 2.
    • Remove the four Y000 screws securing the bracket over the home/Touch ID sensor:

    • One 1.2 mm screw

    • Three 1.3 mm screws

    • During reassembly, be careful not to overtighten these screws, or your home button may not work.

    The 1.2mm screw on the home button stripped for me. I ended up bending the bracket on each side in order to remove the home button. I then bent it back as best I could during reassembly and screwing it down.

    browniestarmite - Yanıt

    The leftmost screw here (attaching the display bracket to the front panel plastic) was not present on my aftermarket screen assembly. Had to pull it from the original.

    handemail - Yanıt

  22. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 23, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove the bracket that secures the home/Touch ID sensor.

  23. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 24, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 24, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 24, 3 resimden 3.
    • Pry under the left edge of the home button cable connector to disconnect it from its socket.

    • If the entire connector begins to flip up without separating, press down on the cable at the top edge of the connector with the flat of your spudger, while simultaneously prying up the left edge of the connector. Be very careful not to damage the cable or connector, or you will permanently disable the sensor.

  24. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 25, 1 resimden 1.
    • Heating the area around the home/Touch ID sensor will help soften the adhesive holding its delicate cable in place, making it easier to remove safely.

    • Flip the display assembly over. Use a hairdryer or prepare an iOpener and apply it to the lower edge of the display for about 90 seconds in order to soften up the adhesive underneath.

    • Don't overheat the display. It should be slightly too hot to touch comfortably.

  25. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 26, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 26, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 26, 3 resimden 3.
    • Use an opening pick to gently separate the adhesive holding the home/Touch ID sensor cable to the back side of the display panel.

    This did not work for me…. ended up breaking the connector from the home button. Most likely messed up the customer’s iPhone… the adhesive would not pry up with just pick… does iFixit offer a home button replacement?

    Sidar M Caceres - Yanıt

    did not work for me either, also ended up breaking the connector, just use the tweezer to separate it. do not use opening pick!!!!! it’s too thick for it!!

    Jeffrey Tang - Yanıt

    Isopropanol and heat will loosen the adhesive and its possible to gently remove with plastic pick, metal tweezers risk damaging the Home button cable and disabling the Touch facility.

    Chris Smith - Yanıt

    Pretty easy to follow instructions if you have patience and careful hands. If you have clumsy hands you will not succeed in fixing any small electronics. There are some small things you should use to help you succeed at fixing small electronics, like some scotch tape or other clear tape to hold some of the cables in place while you work on small electronics items, also a small heavy bottle or object to propped the iPhones cases against to hold them from falling over so that your hands can be free to perform your tasks. Great job you are doing iFixit personel and I am with you all the way with fighting for our rights to fix our electronics equipment.

    wogriffith - Yanıt

    Isopropanol in conjunction with the heat really did the trick here. Heat up first, then use plenty of the alcohol to pry it up carefully using the pick.

    Maximilian Krause - Yanıt

    Heat dryer on high worked for me.

    Stephen Smith - Yanıt

    I followed exactly the method in Step 37. First, turn the screen over and warm up slightly around the home/Touch ID sensor , making the cable easier to come loose from the screen. I didn't use an opening pick, I used a spudger it worked fine, but be careful

    clbr - Yanıt

    why is my home button attached to the lcd? there is no clip and makes it impossible to easily remove home button. help!!

    Joel - Yanıt

    I also was mystified as to why I could not remove the home button after successfully removing the cable. Then I remembered that I had suggestion at step 4 and covered shattered screen with clear tape! Once tape was removed, button came out! LOL!

    bseagrave - Yanıt

    I heated the tip of a thin knife with a hot air gun and slide it under the flexible cable. When I hit resistance I reheated the knife. Keeping it parallel to the board while doing this. After 4 heatings the knife moved the rest of the way and the cable lifted easily off of the iPhone back. This method left enough glue on the cable that it restuck fine when moved to the new iPhone.

    Bill Auerbach - Yanıt

  26. iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement: adım 27, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove the home/Touch ID sensor assembly by lifting it through the front side of the display.

    • To reinstall, first feed the cable through the hole in the front of the display as shown.

    • Your replacement part may come with extra Y000 screws already installed near the Home Button. Remove the unnecessary screws so that you can reinstall the home button bracket.


Compare your new replacement part to the original part—you may need to transfer remaining components or remove adhesive backings from the new part before installing.

To reassemble your device, follow the above steps in reverse order.

Take your e-waste to an R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler.

Repair didn’t go as planned? Check out our Answers community for troubleshooting help.

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Very useful information…

Flica Hussey - Yanıt

Has anyone found out any info about replacing the Apple iPhone 8 Front glass. Last I checked Apple had made it that if you install a non OEM screen and updates their phone, it will brick there phone. I have not been fixing any iPhone 8’s or iPhone x’s due to this. I So if someone knows if this has been resolved or if this still holds true can you please let me know. Also, Fixing back glass. From what I have seen they use some crazy glue. Does anyone have any methods on a easy way to replace back glass on the iPhone 8’s ? do you still basically have to gut the phone ? what kind of glue is used to glue it back on? Any help with these issues would greatly be appreciated I have been repairing phones for over 8 years + and turning away customers because apple is so dumb with these things upsets me greatly. I loved repairing iPhone up until this point. Help please.

service - Yanıt

Replacing the screen will not Brick the iPhone, although the 8/8Plus & iPhone X all have an issue with the Ambient Sensor when a new screen is fitted. Although a way around this is to use a EEPROM device to copy the firmware from the original screen. It is also rumored that Apple are fixing the Ambient Sensor issue in iOS 12.

Donald -

Anyone know if the ambient sensor is fixed?

alexaamo91 - Yanıt

Hi. My iphone 8 plus screen is broken. I purchased it from USA, I’m in Turkey, Istanbul right know. When I took it to the apple store over there, they told me I need a code to replace the screen, and every country has different code. In order for me to replace the screen, I need that code.

Would some one please tell me what to do. I really appreciate it.


Sean Nouhi - Yanıt

I replaced the screen on an iPhone 8 Plus. When I transfer the home button it does not work in the new screen, but still works in the old, cracked screen. Thoughts?

briankesting - Yanıt

I’m having same issue and tried numerous aftermarket screens, I had a spare 8Plus here ready to repair (lcd damaged but working) tried it on that separate screen and Touch was fine again so the issue has to be aftermarket screens I’m guessing it’s the quality of the lcd is the issue as all original screens have proven fine but 3 aftermarket screens later and no joy so worth paying a little more for oem quality. The8plus is the only model so far Iv had this issue with as prior models are simple, but so many advertised as “original” it’s hard to pin point decent supplier

nathanjenkins15 -

I successfully substituted the screen with ifixit kit. However, force touch does not work and the luminosity is way less than the original

Ismaele Warren - Yanıt

The back glass is a pain in the …but it is slot easier if use a heatgun on low. Then use a blade or a prytool. It's still a pain but slot easier. Make sure that u don't scratch or damage the wireless charger in the middle. Hope this helps.

Mike - Yanıt

Did the replacement yesterday on my own with the iFixit kit and the parts supplied. It was really easy and great that it came with the adhesive and all the parts integrated in the replacement screen. The only downside is that the TrueTone isn’t working anymore nut I knew this before buying the kit.

It took me about 2 hours to complete.

Sorin Drache - Yanıt

I forgot to disconnect the battery connector now my iphone 8 won’t boot up any idea how to fix this ?

orange flash - Yanıt

My home button is not recognized with the new screen fitted, so I’m left with putting the broken screen back in and a smaller bank balance :-(

simon_kesselman - Yanıt

Front camera removal is not even mentioned. That seems like a rather large omission on this replacement. Wonder how many people followed this document to the letter only to find out that the front camera is still on the old screen.

danny - Yanıt

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the note! As stated in the introduction, this guide is written for the replacement part we sell, which comes with the front facing camera, earpiece speaker, and EMI shield already installed. I will amend the instructions to point to a front facing camera guide.

Arthur Shi -

After I completed the repair on my iPhone 8 Plus, there’s some time of back lighting/impact point on the bottom right of screen. Anyone else’s repair have this issue??

Sidar M Caceres - Yanıt

thank you Jeff and the ifixit folks… great attention to detail. worked out very nicely in practice

kate freitag - Yanıt

Hi i fixed using this guide, i got to say it is incomplete. You need to remove the metal frame from the original screen as well and also the top of the original screen the camera module and speaker module. And the reminder and the removal of power cable need to be extra careful in choosing the right cable to unplug. I unplug the wrong one and it caused my touch ID not to work. Take note on this pointer.

Aloysius See - Yanıt

Hi! This guide is written for our iPhone 8 complete screen, which has the metal frame and camera/speaker module pre-installed. We also have a guide for the bare LCD/digitizer part, which requires transferring the frame and front assembly.

Arthur Shi -

Hello, I replaced the display of my 8 plus using the instructions and your replacement display. Now the phone discharges very quickly and gets warm ?! If only I had kept my broken display. What can i do?

Tobias Grossmann - Yanıt

I replaced the front screen on my iPhone 8 Plus with an iFixit kit and when I turn the phone on you can feel the phone vibrating when you click the home button but the screen is black and won’t come on…. any thoughts? I took it back apart 3 times disconnecting and reconnecting the connectors and it never would come on…. I need HELP!!!

Payton Bland - Yanıt

Hi Payton,

I would check if the screen backlight was blown out. This commonly happens when you disconnect the screen without disconnecting the battery first. To check, “turn on” the phone as you have been. Shine a bright light directly at the screen, and see if the LCD shows anything. If it does, the LCD is working, but the backlight circuitry is broken.

Arthur Shi -

I have this same issue

i tried the bright light idea, but cannot see anything

Whitney Patten -

This is the second ifixit screen replaced on my iPhone 8 Plus. Unfortunately, this second repair kit was a much lower quality that the first one, which was only one year prior. The screen is much lower quality with really poor contrast. It works, but it makes it look like a cheap knockoff phone now. Also, two bits in the included tool kit were too large to use! They are marked the same size as my previous kit, but they are definitely larger and will not fit into the tri-lobe or philips head screws. I ended up using the bits in my previous tool kit. Overall the quality of the components has definitely gone down hill, which is hugely disappointing.

mark - Yanıt

Hi Mark,

I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with the screen kit. Thanks for bringing this up—we take pride in the quality of our tools and components and seek to rectify any issues that show up. If our customer service team has not reached out, please contact us here.

Arthur Shi -

Performed successful replacement of an iphone 8 plus screen. The blue triangular plastic opening pick was useless for opening the case, even after using a heat gun to soften the adhesive. A razor blade was necessary to separate the screen from the body, then the picks could be used. All other aspects of the repair guide were excellent.

Drake Wilson - Yanıt

Brilliant instruction. I found the screen replacement really easy to follow. Thanks!

Tony Bergin - Yanıt

Bought this part fitted it all working fine put a screen protector on, thought all was sorted and noticed it had a horrible screen/lightbleed issues on the right side! So So annoyed with this..

jamesbridle - Yanıt

No country code needed, Thats pure BS. I replaced mine… iPhone 8Plus in 25 minutes. The phone has no coded parts except the finger print sensor. If you remove the touch id button according to these instructions you’ll have no problem with this. BTW I have done dozens of screen replacements using parts from iFixit and have NEVER had a problem. If you’re careful and make sure you have the correct model numbers for your phone you’ll get parts that work perfectly. Also big thumbs up on the guide. Excellent instructions. But somebody should write up the part about installing the glue. That’s a tricky bugger. Always remember to leave the fine assembly plastic covers in place on the glue until your ready to assemble. Keeps the glue from sticking to your cables during the final re-assembly phases. The covers are split so they wont be difficult to remove once done.

Michael King - Yanıt

Hi. Followed the instructions. Now when we switch on we get the apple symbol for a few seconds. Then it goes off and repeats. Any suggestions please? Thanks

Matthew Howse - Yanıt

I bought a cheap, cheap, cheap replacement screen from somewhere else, and didn’t realize that i also had to switch over my earpiece, sensor, backplate, etc. it was a big surprise but with the help of the other tutorials on this site I was able to complete it! the screen quality is a lot lower than expected, a tad fuzzier, but you i got what i paid for. great info!!

Colleen V - Yanıt

Touch stopped working and this fixed it right up. I’ve opened many iPhones to change the battery but this is only the second screen replacement I’ve done with a fingerprint sensor transplant. It’s not that much more to do than the battery.

Russ Rehm - Yanıt

I replaced a broken screen on my daughters iPhone 8 plus and now it will turn on but it only displays a apple logo screen on and off. Please tell me it can be fixed

Courtney H - Yanıt

I am hoping to find a fix also. I came here based off of 6 plus issues that came up when I searched. But if not the screws being placed in the correct spots then it could be a few things if it’s like the 6 at all...? My niece allowed her friends to rip hers apart now I’m left with the pieces of not knowing how it came apart or names of anything bc I’ve never messed with a replacement before. Although the home button and camera we’re supposed to be the only parts switched over I’m still in a boggle. I hope someone decides to answer! A few people with the 6 said they left it plugged in over night flashing and it worked. Thinkn about tryn but I’m afraid not knowing if the screws are properly placed first! Good Luck

Terra Chaney -

Hi, my iphone 8 plus was run over and both the front and back were obviously heavily damaged. I read that if the back is damaged, you would need to replace the whole chassis and place all of the internal components into the new one. Do you sell the whole chassis? I see the front screen but not the rear.

Thomas - Yanıt

I've changed the LCD screen of my Iphone 8 Plus and now it either turns off when I make a phone call or the external and internal speaker and mic dont work. (no music, cannot hear or be heard during phone calls)

ank-hara - Yanıt

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