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We're excited to cleave our way down to the motherboard, but first we spot something worthy of a quick detour—the battery!

A big slab of adhesive spans nearly the entire bottom of the battery. With some heat and a bit of help from a Plastic Card, we can extract this 4000 mAh beast.

With its 3.82 V and up to 15.3 Wh of power, the battery is the same as in the Mate 9. It is coupled with smart battery management that learns from user behavior in order to minimize wasted power and maximize battery life. Huawei promises a full day of use with just a 20-minute charge.

Despite that glass back, there's no wireless charging hardware for this battery. It seems we get all the downsides of a glass sandwich design (including double the crackability), with none of the upsides.

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