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In the name of science, we opt to dismantle our display to learn from whence it came. Its defenses are strong, but no match for heat, patience, and a can-do attitude.

At first, the frame's black border tricks us into thinking the display curves down to the frame. Future pryers, beware!

Drumroll please.... it's a Samsung! Rumors were all over the place, but it looks like Google is going with Samsung's trusty AMOLED panels this year.

Samsung's panels should be a little more reliable than last year's, but unfortunately this one comes with a Samsung-esque repair process as well.

Replacing a Pixel 3 screen will be tricky, and will most likely require replacing the whole frame of the phone.

Last, but not least, a display chip sitting alone on the display cable:

Samsung S6SY761X touch controller (as seen on the S9+)

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