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The tough adhesive trend continues, holding the wireless charging coil to the Pixel's powerhouse. But we spy some respite!

The battery is secured with relatively repair-friendly stretch-release adhesive. So you get at least one chance at easy removal, if your technique is right!

These strips didn't actually help us much, but the Pixel 3 had better luck.

We resort to flossing out the battery and accidentally cut a fragile ribbon cable hiding underneath! Forewarned is forearmed—a repair manual would have helped us in this arena.

Adhesive ordeals aside, the battery's out: the Pixel 3 XL is packing 13.2 Wh. That's actually down a smidge from the Pixel 2 XL's 13.6 Wh, and around the same as the original Pixel XL's 13.28 Wh.

The Pixel 3 XL still beats out the iPhone XS Max (12.08 Wh), and comes close to the Galaxy S9+ (13.48 Wh).

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