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Thanks to our friends at MacRumors, we had a hunch that removing this battery might be less nightmarish than in some Retinas we know.

Sure enough, we find four screws and six friendly pull-to-remove adhesive strips securing this AirPower Air's power pack.

A sturdy frame, vaguely like those in Airs of old, supports the gaggle of battery cells and makes removal a snap.

Here it is: the 49.9 Wh power plant. In case you're keeping track, that's slightly smaller than Dell's new XPS 13 (52 Wh), but larger than Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 (45.2 Wh) and HP's upcoming Spectre x360 (43.7 Wh).

All of these devices boast 10+ hour battery life, but the Air's competition manages to do so while also running faster, more power-intensive Intel U-series processors.

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