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We remove two batteries for UNLIMITED POWAHHH!*

*Actual POWAHH may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns, and other factors. POWAHH measurements and estimates are based on real-world usage patterns.

In terms of actual power, the larger of the two batteries is limited to a typical capacity of 2370 mAh and 9.15 Wh, with the smaller battery sporting 930 mAh and 3.59 Wh. All that adds up to 12.74 Wh.

That's less than the Galaxy Fold's 16.87 Wh, but higher than the Motorola Razr's 9.7 Wh. It's about on par for flagship smartphones, like the Galaxy S10 with 13.09 Wh, or the iPhone 11 with 11.91 Wh.

Stubborn glue secures both batteries, per usual. Alcohol and careful prying are required to fetch them out. This is starting to look like a miniature Galaxy Fold...

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