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Compared with its predecessor, the Galaxy S6, the all-new S7 is... uhhhh...

Sorry—which one's the S7 again? We have to flip them over to double-check.

That's better. Unlike its predecessor, the S7's back panel curves gently on the sides, making it a more grabbable handset.

The S7 also shaves off roughly a millimeter from the S6's length and width, while packing on nearly a full extra mm in thickness. That said, at 7.9 mm, it's plenty thin—and even sports a reduced camera bump.

After tearing down the S6, we weren't exactly wowed by its glass-on-glue construction; it scored a 4 out of 10 and a big "meh" in the repairability department. Here's hoping that, appearances notwithstanding, the S7 will fare better...

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