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As you can see from the box, we got the black one. Rumor has it the white iPhones are out there, but as rare as an albino whale. This iPhone cost us $979 NZ without a contract (but locked to Vodafone, of course). Not sure what we're going to do with a Vodafone-locked iPhone in California, but we'll figure something out.

The packaging looks familiar...

All right, here's the specs we know up-front:

The iPhone 3G is 4.5x2.4x0.48" (0.02" thicker than the original iPhone), and weighs 4.7 ounces (0.1 ounce less). For reference, this is approximately the weight of two unladen swallows.

With its new rounded back, the new iPhone feels smaller. Calculating the phone's volume won't be easy mathematically, and measuring the phone's displacement the easy way probably isn't a good idea.

The display is 3.5" diagonal, 480x320 resolution for 163ppi. Also known as identical to the iPhone (not that we're complaining).

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