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This is where we get excited! We've done our best to identify everything that's on the iPhone board.

Semiconductor Insights and TechOnline have released the almost-authoritative list of all substantial iPhone chips. They've graciously provided us with their images. We're going through and verifying their results now, but we expect that their accuracy will surpass our own.

So by our count, here's the chip counts by manufacturer (more important chips are bold):

Broadcom 1, Infineon 4, Intel 1, Linear Technology 1, Marvell 1, National Semi 1, NXP 1, Samsung 1, Skyworks 1, SST 1, ST Micro 1, Toshiba 1, Triquint 3 (big win!), Wolfson 1.

Our list undoubtably omits a number of components. Don't freak out if the chip you spent years slaving over isn't mentioned, please! We're happy to update it if you let us know.

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