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Öğrenci Katkılı Viki

Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

Device Won't Turn On

My Phone won't turn on, no matter what I do!

Phone Needs Charging

Check to make sure that the device is charged.

Phone is Frozen

Hold down the power button until the phone turns off, then turn the phone back on.

Device Won’t Charge

My phone is at 2% and won’t charge!

Cable not working

If you have another device that uses Micro-USB, attempt to use the same cable. If this doesn’t work, the cable may need to be replaced.

Micro-USB port needs cleaning

With a toothpick, gently remove any lint or large particles, then use a can of compressed air to remove any dirt that may be stuck inside.

Phone is Overheating

My hand gets burnt when I touch my phone!

Processor being overloaded

Unclosed background apps can cause the processor to overwork and overheat. To close unneeded apps, double tap the home button and you will see a list of apps pop up. Swipe up any apps that you are not currently using.

Phone needs a power cycle

Hold down the power button and select restart when the menu appears on the screen.

Dynamic Perspective causing overheating

To turn off Dynamic Perspective, go to Settings > Device > Accessibility > Motion and Gesture Settings, and turn Dynamic Perspective off

OS is out of date

make sure that you are running the latest version of FireOS. To do this go to Settings > Device > Install System Updates > Check Now

Poor Battery Life

My battery only lasts a couple of hours!

Processor overload

Having too many apps open at once uses a lot of extra battery power. To close unneeded apps, double tap the home button and you will see a list of apps pop up. Swipe up any apps that you are not currently using.

Screen is too bright

The brightness of your screen can greatly impact your battery life. To turn down your screen’s brightness, go to Settings > Display and then lower the brightness to the desired level.

Screen timeout too long

Go to Settings > Display > Change time to sleep. Here you can change the amount of time it takes for your phone to go into sleep mode while it is not being used. A lower time setting means less battery used.

Faulty battery

If your phone’s battery is still performing poorly, you may need to replace the battery.

Screen is cracked or shattered

My screen shattered after I dropped it on my hardwood floor

Screen needs replacing

If your screen is shattered or cracked it will need to be replaced

9 Yorum

My Amazon Start But Freeze On Amazon Logo And Can’t Start…. What Can I Do??? Please Tell Me…

Avinash Kumar - Yanıt

I had the same problem and replacing the battery worked to fix the problem. There may be another fix, but that worked.

Christopher Mabie -

My fire phone is turning on showing amazom and turning off again the same thing atleast for ten minutes

sherry noronha - Yanıt

Mine is doing the same thing and has been for 2 days. I can't get it to turn on or off. It just flashes Amazon.

Pam -

i had the same problem how to fix it.?

Shiva Sai -

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