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Dell Latitude D620 Troubleshooting

Laptop won't turn on

Your computer will not boot.

If the computer power light turns on but the display remains blank (for instance, if the scroll and caps lock lights blink), the problem may be a memory issue.

Check the battery

• The computer will not start up if the battery temperature is below 0° C (32° F).

• If the battery light is flashing or is steadily orange, the charge is low and the battery needs to be recharged.

• If the battery light flashes green and orange, the battery is too hot. Let the battery cool down.

• If the battery light rapidly flashes orange, the battery may be defective and needs to be replaced.

Display is very dim or has no display at all

Screen appears black but has faint graphics when viewed closely with a flashlight or the screen is completely black.

Dim Backlight

If the display looks dim, first check to see if the backlight has been dimmed by software by pressing FN + up-arrow to increase the brightness. If that doesn’t work, then the backlight inverter may be bad and require replacement. If the screen occasionally lights up again, then the cable to the inverter board may have become loose and requires reinsertion.

Blank Display

if the display is blank, try pushing Fn + F8 to switch the video image to the laptop’s display. Push Fn + F8 a few times, waiting five seconds in between presses to allow for the laptop to cycle between video output modes. If this doesn’t work, then it may be necessary to replace the laptop’s display.

The Display repair guide describes how to replace the display.

Memory Problems

• If you keep receiving a insufficient memory message first save and close any files you have open to see if the problem is resolved.

• Check the software documentation for minimum memory requirements. It may be necessary to buy more memory.

• Reseat the memory modules to make sure the computer is properly communicating with the memory.

• Run Dell Diagnostics

The RAM repair guide describes how to install new RAM modules into your computer.

CD/DVD-ROM Problems

CD/DVD-Rom doesn’t read software disks

Software disk is inserted into the optical drive but can’t be read. First, check if the disk is inserted appropriately. The disk should face down as inserting into the optical drive. Second, check if the disk is detected by the CD/DVD-Rom Drive under My Computer. Right click the icon of CD/DVD-Rom Drive and select Open or Explore. If the disk still can’t be read and/or no response, the optical drive may have become defected.

Disk can’t be ejected from the CD/DVD-Rom

The eject button is pressed, but the disk can’t be ejected. First, check if your computer is on. Second, check if the optical drive connects the cable appropriately. Under My Computer, right click the icon of CD/DVD-Rom Drive and select Eject. If it is clicked, but the optical drive still have no response, then the cable may have become loose or the optical drive needs to repair. One simple solution is to eject the disk manually. Look for a small hole next to eject button and use a paper clap to press it. Then, the disk would be ejected.

The CD drive repair guide explains how to replace a CD drive.

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Thank You Got is fixed.

Bev Patterson - Yanıt

Thank you. I was getting a low memory message. I did not expect this outcome. The laptop is on, but the display is black. I know the screen is working because it lights up at boot-up. Thanks for confirming what the problem is.

Pat Beatty - Yanıt

I have a D620 with Windows 10 it was working fine I unplugged it for an hour plugged back in all the lights lite up no screen I tried fn + f8 still no screen is it worth fixing it ? How much is screen ? Thanks for your help. Tim

Tim David - Yanıt

I have D620 with Windows 10 it was working fine unplugged for a while plugged back in all lites worked you can hear computer working no screen tried. FN. F8 did not work is the screen the only thing it could be ? And how much is screen ? do you think its worth fixing thanks for your help .

Tim David - Yanıt

What did you do to fix your display mines is doing the same thing

tequellac -

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