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Vacuum won't turn on

The vacuum simply won't turn on, no matter what. Before you proceed to take your vacuum apart, try these basic tweaks. Hopefully, one of them should work!

Is the vacuum plugged in?

Plugs have a habit of coming off the socket often. Check to see if your vacuum is still plugged into the wall socket.

Check the socket

Plug in another device that you know is working to check if the socket is okay.

Vacuum turns on but there is no suction

Visible obstruction in the suction hole

Take a peek into the suction hole at the bottom to see if it is blocked. If yes, remove the cause of obstruction and your vacuum should start working again.

The dust cup is full

A full dust cup will result in loss of suction. Head over to this guide to swap the dust cup for a new one.

The extension pole doesn't extend

You are trying to get some serious cleaning done but your vacuum doesn't want you to succeed.

Misaligned pole

The extension pole slides back and forth in a groove that runs through the vacuum's body. If the metal projections on the pole are not resting in the groove, the pole will not extend. Follow this guide to open the vacuum cleaner and fix this issue.

The power button won't engage

The vacuum is plugged into a good socket but pushing the power button doesn't get the vacuum running.

This is most likely due to a misalignment of the power button with the inner switch.

Check for small bits of debris around the switch

While cleaning, debris like threads or large pieces of dirt might get into the groove of the power button. Dig around with a soft cloth or your fingers to remove any debris.

The switch is misaligned

To fix this, you will have to open up your vacuum. Follow this guide for a quick, easy procedure to solve this problem.

4 Yorum

Really? Dirt around the power switch? Is that the best you can come up with?

How about the possibility of a bad power switch? Or... a bad/shot overheating power override IC?

7ohnnyramone - Yanıt

I agree, this power switch is a nightmare. Never works when I need it.

llsgms -

The hand held part of the vac works but when connected to the base it only runs for a few minutes?

Reda - Yanıt

The hand held portion of the vac works but the main part only runs for about a minute then stops. But the hand held will still work?

Reda - Yanıt

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