No matter what you do, you can't get your laptop to turn on.

There may be an issue with the battery itself. A new battery will be needed.

Gateway NV52 Battery Replacement

Having a problem with the motherboard or any components of the laptop like a faulty connection will not allow the laptop to stay on.

Gateway NV52 Motherboard Replacement

My laptop won’t charge.

Try using different chargers to make sure that the problem is in fact the laptop and not the charger. If the computer turns on with a different charger, then a new charger must be purchased for the laptop.

Remove the battery and power cord from your laptop. Use the repair guide Gateway NV52 Battery Replacement for help on removing the battery. Shut down the computer by pressing the power button and holding it for 15 seconds(without any power source connected.) Plug in only the power cord, leaving the battery out of the laptop. Try booting up the computer. If it boots properly, then shut it down. Put the battery back in and boot it up again (with the cord connected). If it boots properly, then shut it down. Unplug the cord and boot the computer one more time. if your computer does not turn on, you will need to replace the battery.

Lack of memory will not allow the laptop to properly run therefore causing it to be significantly slower.

Problems with the computer's software, such as blue or black screen and not properly booting up could be a result of the computer not running as intended.

Laptop is running excessively hot during routine use.

If the laptop is running at an increased temperature during regular use, it would be advised to inspect the rear cooling fan for possible cleaning or replacement.

Gateway NV52 Cooling Fan Replacement

The laptop has connectivity issues over WiFi, independent of the network.

Performing a power cycle can be used to strengthen the reset of the router. To complete do a power cycle one must shut off the router, unplug all electrical cords attached and wait at least thirty seconds for the router to restart itself.

Another method to refresh the connection between the router and the modem is to complete a soft reset. A soft reset is when the Ethernet cable connecting both the router and modem must be unplugged. After waiting about thirty seconds, plug the Ethernet cable back connecting the router and the modem again then check the internet connection.

By simply unplugging the modem’s power supply and reconnecting, it will perform a reset. As the next step, a soft reset should be done to reconfigure the modem for an internet connection. In a worst case scenario, it would be advised to call the internet service provider, whose technical support employees will assist in remotely getting the modem to work.

Connecting the Ethernet cable to the laptop would be the first step. If the internet works, then the problem is in either the wireless router, or the wireless receiver in the laptop.

Performing a reset of the Gateway laptop should be performed as well. To perform a reset, the power cable of the computer must be unplugged. Then the power button must be held down for thirty seconds. Plug the power cable back in, boot the computer and reconfigure for the desired internet connection.

Lastly, performing a fresh install of the Windows operating system is used to eliminate a possibility of software issues.

If the wireless internet will not connect or has noticeably shortened range, checking if the network trying to be accessed is stable would be the first step. Then making sure that the latest drivers for the wifi card are installed, this can be viewed in Device Manager found in the Control Panel. If the connection is still faulty, the wifi card is bad and needs to be replaced.

Gateway NV52 WiFi Card Replacement

My laptop won't read CD’s or DVD’s that I insert.

Make sure that the disk is inserted properly. The disk won’t play if is inserted upsidedown or unbalanced. Make sure that the disk’s label is on top and that it lies flat on the entry.

Make sure that the disk is clean and it doesn’t have any marks on the back. If dirty clean it with a soft cloth.

The optical drive may not be functional anymore causing the unit to be replaced.

Gateway NV52 Optical Disc Drive Replacement

Nothing can be seen on the screen when your laptop is running.

If the lights are illuminated and the screen is still blank, the problem lies in the LCD.

When in use, running laptop turns off unanticipated.

If the laptop is hot to the touch, it is most likely a fan issue. There’s nothing that can be done except replacing the fan.

Gateway NV52 Cooling Fan Replacement

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A few days ago my laptop would display would not come on, the laptop is several years old. I thought I would try replacing the main battery and the charger per my buddies recommendation before buying a new one. Well that did not help, but needed to be done anyway. Total cost about $40.00. Next my buddy suggested that I find the bootup battery and replace it. I googled my laptop and took the whole thing apart just to get to that CR2032 battery. Instead of putting it somewhere easy to get to, they buried it on the motherboard. I checked the battery and sure enough it was not putting out a charge. Now this is the bootup battery I'm talking about a $2.00 battery that shut down my laptop. Anyway, I replaced it, put it all back together and only had two tiny screws left over. The lap top booted-up like new, I did have to reset the current time and date, but other than that all my files and everything are still here.

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