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HP Photosmart D110a Troubleshooting

Printer will not turn on

Unexpectedly, the printer might not turn on.

Motherboard failure

Over time components on a motherboard will eventually fail, which can prevent the printer from turning on. Many complicated reasons can be responsible for components failing, but a simple fix is to replace the entire motherboard.

Power button failure

The button itself may malfunction due to broken plastic behind the button. This can be a result of plastic cracking or breaking. A loss of contact between the button and the hardware prevents the printer from turning on. Replacing the power button will restore contact.

Printer will not print

The printer does not perform.

Improperly installed cartridges

For the printer to function properly, the devices need to have their interfaces touching with the printer's PCB(Printed Circuit Board, the green board that makes contact with the cartridges). If the cartridges are installed incorrectly, there is no communication made between the printer and the cartridges. Consequently, the printer will not perform. Reinstalling the cartridges such that the interfaces contact the PCB alleviates this.

Paper jam

Printer paper can become stuck during printing. Mangled or stuck paper is often caused by the printer taking in more than one sheet at a time. Unjamming the paper allows the printer to continue functioning properly.

Empty cartridges

Color cartridges will eventually run out of ink. Usually the computer will acknowledge when the ink cartridges are running low. Solving this issue is as easy as replacing the cartridges.

Printing is flawed

Printed images might have poor quality.

Low ink levels

Low ink levels affect the image and color quality negatively. Replacing the ink cartridges can resolve this problem.

Display cannot be read

The LCD screen can malfunction and become unreadable.

Damaged screen

Damage to the LCD can result from improper handling of the printer. LCD screens are fragile and are subject to damage very easily. If damaged, the most practical solution is to replace the LCD altogether.

Malfunctioning LCD

The actual LCD module can become damaged and no longer fuction. The LCD screen can become hard to read due to damaged pixels, faded saturation, and bad contrast. Bad or broken internal LCD components are the major contribution to LCD failure. Replacing the LCD screen can restore clarity to the interface.

Scanner does not function properly

A faulty scanner prevents images from being scanned.

Misaligned scanner

Over time, the scanner can become misaligned from general use or mishandling/moving the printer. A misaligned scanner can cause the scanned images to be crooked or offset. Realigning the scanner will allow the printer to once again properly scan documents and pictures.

Defective scanner glass

The scanner glass is important for protecting the scanner and providing a flat, transparent surface for documents to be scanned. If damaged or compromised, the glass must be replaced for continued scanning.

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How do you repair when it will not pull paper through to copy?

v webb - Yanıt

Open the document handler cover (Top, left side).

Check to see if any of the small plastic covers are loose. If so, remedy.

There is NOTHING in the UserGuide about this process.

Look also to find if any bits of paper from a previous paper jam in the paper path. You may need to raise the cover and look VERY CAREFULLY between the white strips to see if there are any bits of paper caught. A good tool is to use a strip of paper 2-3cm wide and 30cm long and push it BACKWARDS through the path that you anticipate the paper to traverse. This gentle probing helps find any stuck bits of paper.

quantum033 -

how to connect my Printer D110A , CN731A, to,Lenovo Desktop

meadowhill - Yanıt

(Expanded, from previous post)

I am assuming that you mean the document feeder on the top.

Open the document handler cover (Top, left side).

There is a diagram pasted on the INSIDE COVER of the document handler cover which shows how to remove the paper feed assembly for the document handler.

It is hard to see, but it actually DOES show where everything goes, and how the paper feed assembly is removed and replaced. It takes some study.

That's how I fixed my document handler... took some time and patience.

If the printer does not feed the sheets onto which you want to copy, then first start with the User Guide. USUALLY it is a stuck torn piece of paper from a previous paper jam. Same "paper probe" trick as above is helpful to clear.

quantum033 - Yanıt

The black and white is not printing. I have replaced the ink cart. and used the clean the heads feature in the tools directory. Is there anything else to try?

Geoff McHarg - Yanıt

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