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HTC One Mini Troubleshooting

Released August 2013. Available in silver, black, or blue, with 2G, 3G, or 4G data. Has a 4.3 inch display and 1GB RAM.

HTC One Mini won't turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your phone to turn on.

Your phone is not charged.

Make sure that your phone charger is plugged into a working outlet. Then, plug your phone in and try turning it back on after waiting 5 minutes.

Your phone charger is broken.

The problem may be the phone charger, not the actual phone. Use a different charger that is known to work.

Your phone's display is no longer working properly.

It may appear as if there is something wrong with your HTC One Mini because your display is no longer working and needs to be replaced. You could figure out if this were the case by turning the volume up on your phone and having someone call you. If it rings, then it is not an issue with your phone, but with the display being too dim. You can replace your display by following the instructions found here: HTC One Mini LCD Display Replacement.

Your HTC One Mini has a dead battery.

It's possible that the battery in your phone is no longer usable and needs to be replaced. Find instructions on how to remove your phone's battery and replace it here: HTC One Mini Battery Replacement.

HTC One Mini will not charge

You are having trouble getting your battery to hold a charge or it simply will not charge at all.

The port where your phone charger is inserted has something lodged in it.

If you notice that your HTC One Mini takes an especially long time to charge (or it will not charge at all), this may be due to dirt or other particles lodged in the port of your phone. This would prevent your charger from having good enough contact with the port to charge at a regular pace. Carefully clean it out without the use of water if this is the case.

Your phone charger is broken.

The problem may be the phone charger, not the actual phone. Use a different charger that is known to work.

It is time to replace the battery.

If all else fails, perhaps it is time for a new battery. You can find instructions on how to do this here: HTC One Mini Battery Replacement.

HTC One Mini performs too slowly

The phone is taking long periods of time for basic tasks or freezing occasionally.

You have not been performing regular memory maintenance.

If your phone is performing slowly and freezing up at times, it may be due to your RAM storage being nearly full. This can be resolved by performing regular memory maintenance which includes restarting your phone once a day, keeping your apps updated, and closing out of all screens that you are no longer using.

You are expecting the phone to be faster than it actually is.

It is normal for any phone to take some time to open apps, send text messages, or browse the internet. Other factors such as the network reception your phone is receiving can play into how responsive it is being as well. Make sure that your cellular data and Wi-Fi are both turned on in your phone's settings to ensure maximum cellular reception and speed.

Your phone is experiencing software problems.

Make sure that your software is up-to-date. There could also be software problems with third-party applications; if your phone is especially slow every time you have open/are using a particular application, then it may be not be a problem with your phone. Re-installation of the application may be necessary if restarting your phone does not solve the issue.

The content on the phone's screen is too dim

If your phone's screen is extremely dim or does not light up whatsoever, it may be time to replace the display.

The brightness setting on your phone is turned down too far.

Check and see that the brightness level (found in your phone's settings) is not turned down too far.

It is time to replace your phone's display.

Find instructions on how to do this here: HTC One Mini LCD Display Replacement

HTC One Mini will not respond when buttons are pushed

If your volume buttons, home button, or power button are being unresponsive.

Your buttons have broken.

The easiest and quickest way to solve this problem would be to download "Button Savior" or a different application that allows you to have access to your broken controls from your touchscreen.

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Basically the top of my HTC one mini is bare. The top plastic rim slowly cracked and fell apart. For ages I have used it with a case . The power button now is little exposed layers of its components. But now I can only see the screen when I plug it into a charger. It lights up like normal as though I had pressed the power button. If I turn off screen saver and download button saviour will that fix the job. ? I t may well . However if it never goes into auto save screen saver. I would presumably Just run out of battery continuously pretty fast. So am going to try it . Any ideas ?

Geo - Yanıt

my phone isn’t charging and turning on at all… its been 18 hours since I used it. I charged it already and use to push the power button and the volumes but nothing happen.

what should I do???

tribiana_24 - Yanıt

help me please

tribiana_24 - Yanıt

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