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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

Blades will not cut foliage.

Perhaps over usage or improper storage has left the blade rusted or dull. In which case the blades need to be replaced. See Blade Replacement Guide.

If the blades are loose and are not dull perhaps they are not properly secured, this would leave space between them for grass to move freely and cause jamming. In this case the cover plate will need to be tightened/replaced. See Blade Replacement Guide for help.

If the device turns on but the blades don't move then the gears are either unlatched or Stripped and will need to be replaced.

The batteries won't hold charge regardless of how long they are charged

The most common reason for the batteries not charging, is usually because of a defective charging cord. If defective, replace the charging cord.

The internal socket connecting the cord to the battery could be broken in which case will need to be replaced.

The battery itself will eventually no longer hold a charge because of extended usage and will need to be replaced.

The safety lock switch is stuck and will not move

If the safety switch seems loose or stuck in one place it is probably a spring that is either missing or broken and will need to be replaced. See Safety Switch Replacement Guide.

It is possible some foliage or foreign object is obstructing the movement of the switch and will need to be removed.

The internal toggle switch could have corrosion or have been burned by an electric surge and needs to be replaced.

The charging cord is plugged but will not charge device

First thing to check is the actual cord for any kinks or spliced due to constant usage. If visible kinks are found replace entire charging cord accessory. Be sure to carefully inspect cord ends which tend to be where most tears occur.

If the cord is intact then the problem relies in the internal wiring of the power adapter which should be replaced as a whole to avoid fire hazards.

The device is charged but motor will not work

If the device sounds like it turns on but the blades don't move then the gears or gear shaft are either unlatched or Stripped and will need to be replaced.

If the device gives no signal of turning on and the problem is neither of the above mentioned then the solenoid is defective and the motor needs to be replaced.

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