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LG L1200 Troubleshooting

The LG L1200 cell phone has many useful features such as a VGA Camera, dual LCD screens, and 65K internal display. This troubleshooting guide covers a few common problems with the device.

The phone will not turn on.

The screen is black and the phone is silent.

Battery Issues

The battery may be drained. First try plugging your phone into its charger and recharging the battery, the screen should light up and it will display that it is charging. If that does not work, the battery may be improperly installed. Try reinstalling the battery. Also try pressing buttons to see if your phone will make any noise, if that is that case you may have a broken LCD. If neither of these work, purchase a new battery.

LCD is broken

The cell phone power is on, but the screen remains dark because the LCD may have internal problems. Another case may be that your LCD is obviously cracked or damaged. If either of these is the case, refer to the Inner LCD repair guide to replace the LCD.

Cannot hear anything during call.

Phone emits no sound.

Volume turned down

Check phone's volume level. If the volume is set to silent, turn volume up using the volume controls on the side of the phone. You should hear beeps as you increase the volume, if there are no beeps check reception and speaker.

Bad reception

Check that your phone has multiple bars of reception. If it does not, try walking around until your phone shows more bars.

Broken Speaker

If you have checked the all of the above and the problem persists, you most likely have a faulty speaker. To replace the speaker, refer to the Internal Speaker repair guide.

The buttons do not respond

Nothing happens when you push down on the various keys.

Misaligned Keypad

Your phones keypad may be misaligned, so the buttons do not get pressed properly when you depress the keys. Look at the keypad for large or odd gaps between keys. If there are any, try pushing various keys around to force the keypad back into alignment. If that does not work, follow this External Housing guide to remove the cover and which will allow you to correctly align the keypad.

Frozen Screen

If your phone is turned on and being unresponsive, the phone could be frozen. To reset, take out the battery and put it back in. Your phone should reboot after the battery is back in place. Try pressing buttons to see if your phone is now responsive and this has fixed your problem.

Problem with the Logic Board

If the problem persists after you put the battery back in, the Logic Board may be damaged. Follow the Logic Board repair guide to replace the Logic Board.

Outer LCD won't turn on

Outside screen does not light up.

LCD cracked or damaged

Carefully inspect your phone and make sure that the outer LCD is not cracked or damaged. If it is, follow the Outer LCD repair guide to replace the outer LCD.

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