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Öğrenci Katkılı Viki

Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

Camera will not turn on

You try to turn the camera on, but nothing happens.

Battery is dead

If the battery is not charged, the camera will not be able to turn on. Check the camera battery to guarantee that it is charged. Battery charge status can be found on the LCD screen by looking at the corresponding icon. If the battery is not charged, either use the battery charger MH-61 or plug into the power source in order to do so. A link to the procedure for battery replacement can be found here.

Battery is overheated

When leaving the camera on for a significant period of time, the battery can overheat causing the camera to turn off. Leave the device turned off in order for the the battery temperature to cool down. Once the battery temperature has cooled, you may use the device again.

Camera is plugged into the AC adapter

When using the AC adapter to charge the battery, the camera will not turn on. By pressing the playback button, you can look through the gallery of images. However, you will be unable to capture new images when using the AC adapter. In order to capture new images, you must unplug the camera from the AC adapter.

Camera screen is "frozen"

You are unable to navigate through the screen menu seeing as the screen remains unchanged.

Camera is in power saving mode

When unable to maneuver through the features displayed on the camera, the “frozen” screen could be caused by the camera conserving battery power when not in use. Therefore, turning the camera off and back on could pose as a solution to this specific problem.

Faulty battery placement

If the battery is not inserted properly into the device, the camera screen may be unresponsive due to poor connection. Try taking the battery out of the battery chamber, then reinsert it. Also, when taking the battery out, the camera should be turned off. When the battery is being reinserted, ensure it is being inserted in the proper direction. Improper replacement of the battery can cause damage to the camera. A link to the procedure for battery replacement can be found here.

Captured images are not being saved as expected

When looking back at recent photographs, there are no corresponding images saved.

Memory card is not inserted properly

The camera will not recognize a memory card that has been inserted improperly. To ensure the memory card has been properly inserted, remove the inserted card from the camera. To do this, depress the card allowing it to pop out. The card should be inserted matching the diagram next to the memory card slot.

Memory card is full

When the memory card is full, the images cannot be saved. In order to resolve this issue, try using a new memory card. However, if you do not want to purchase a new memory card, you can save older images on the computer before deleting them on the camera. This will provide unused storage space capable of saving recent captured images.

Memory card is locked

When the memory card is locked, it will keep any images from being saved on the card. If the slide switch is in a downward position, it indicates that the memory card is locked. Therefore, sliding the switch upwards will be an easy fix to this problem allowing you to save any captured images.

Memory card has been formatted with new device

When reusing a memory card from a different device, you will be asked to format the card with this device. To format the memory card with your device, turn on the camera after inserting the card located in the battery chamber. Be sure that the card is facing the the correct direction when inserted. Once you turn the camera on, press “Format card” found in the menu options. Formatting a memory card can remove all images from previous use. Therefore, it is suggested to save old images on the computer before formatting the card with the new device.

Camera will not flash under dark conditions

With little to no light present, the automatic flash does not work when capturing images.

Flash is not enabled

When the camera is in automatic mode, it may not recognize that the flash needs to be fired. To solve this issue, make sure that the camera flash is raised. Using the scroll wheel, depress the lighting bolt to access the flash menu. After the menu is accessed scroll from the first option, Auto flash, to the third option, Full time flash.

Camera mode restricts flashing

Many camera modes can restrict the flash from firing. To resolve this issue, make sure the camera is in full auto mode. If the wheel on top of the camera is turned to effects mode, rotate the wheel so that the camera icon is in line with the elevated dash on the camera body. This indicates the device is in full auto mode. To force the flash to fire follow instructions Flash is not enabled above.

Flash bulb is burnt out

After setting the camera to flash in automatic mode and still experiencing issues, ensure the LED light near the upper right corner of the screen is lit. If the light is flashing, the flash is charging. When the light remains on, the flash is ready to fire. If the light is not on, ensure the flash is popped up and turned on through the camera’s settings. If the camera indicates it is ready to fire with the shutter button depressed resulting in no flash, then the flash bulb is burnt out.

Captured images are not clear, appear blurry

Every-time you take a photograph, the produced images cannot be resolved.

Vibration reduction is turned off

Using the camera’s built in features, it may improve picture quality. If the camera experiences movement while taking a picture, the image may become blurred. The use of built in motion detection and vibration reduction settings can resolve this issue. Vibration reduction can be found by pressing the "MENU" button, scrolling to tab 9 and scrolling down to "Vibration reduction." The "motion detection setting" can also be found under this menu.

Automatic mode is not enabled

When the camera is in manual shooting mode the camera settings can be configured in such a way that no clear images can be captured. The manual shooting mode can allow more experienced users to have more control over the camera's functionality. To see if the camera is in manual mode, the raised dash on the top of the camera should be in line with the M on the dial. To get to automatic mode, turn the dial until the camera icon is in line with the top dash. In this mode, the camera will determine the best configuration to produce the highest quality images.

Camera is not stable when shooting

Pictures can be especially blurry when the lens is being used in its telephoto mode. This means the lens is zoomed out. When taking pictures in low light conditions, blurriness may also occur. The camera will use a slow shutter speed to increase light intake, but this can also make pictures susceptible to blurriness. The addition of a tripod can resolve problems with a picture's clarity under both circumstances. If the tripod mount is broken, a link to its replacement guide can be found here.

8 Yorum

I am using Nikon530 for three years. During the three years, I took many outstanding pictures. Now when I am taking the pictures, unable see the images of the objects on the camera's screen.

abikarabdulkadir - Yanıt

I have a coolpix p530, hardly ever use. I've tried turning it on but it's completely dead, I plugged it in to charge and still will not turn on.

Maria Lews - Yanıt

me too, let me know if you manage to fix it!

matthewshailer -

same problem, here. I was using it until it turned off saying battery exhausted. Now it won't charge anymore. The charger and cable is good because it works on another camera S600.

Also note that when the charger is plugged pressing the PLAY button doesn't do anything. Anyway to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Dpalmans - Yanıt

That happened to mine there is nothing you can do that means you overcharged it and the battery is broken i had to take mine back and return it for another one since i had it for literally one day and that happened.

abbey oller -

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