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Nokia 6230b Troubleshooting

The Nokia 6230b is a phone released in North America. Common problems exist in the device, such as:

Phone Doesn't Turn On

Power Button Jammed

The red power/end call button may stick so it will not depress correctly.

  1. Using a small pair of tweezers gently take a hold of it and pull upwards.
  2. If button won't unjam remove the front cover and replace the keypad.

Faulty Battery Connection

Verify there is not a bad connection between the battery and the phone.

  1. Remove the back cover and remove the battery from the phone.
  2. Verify there is no dirt on the battery and connections.
  3. Wipe gently with dry cloth if necessary. An eraser or file may be used for hard to remove dirt.
  4. Replace battery and turn on.

Battery Replacing

If the previous steps have not succeeded replace the battery.

  1. Remove the back cover and remove the battery from the phone.
  2. Follow the steps to remove the multimedia card in order to find and view your model number. Use the model number to order a new battery.
  3. Insert the new battery into the phone and charge before turning on.

Phone Doesn't Make Sound

Ringer Volume is Too Low

Use the arrow buttons on the side of the phone to increase the ringer volume.

Phone Settings Are Set to Silent

Verify settings within the phone's menu are not making sounds inaudible.

  1. Select Menu > Settings > Profiles. Select a profile other than silent.
  2. Select Menu > Settings > Tone Settings. Increase tone volumes.
  3. Select Menu > Settings > Call Settings. Increase speaker volume during a call.

Speaker is Broken

If phone is not set on silent, ringer volumes are turned up, and no sound can be heard replace the phone's speaker.

Broken Display

Cracked Screen

A cracked screen will need to be replaced.

Undamaged Screen

  1. Try restarting the phone.
  2. Check the connections between the screen and the motherboard.
  3. If the connections between the screen and the motherboard are intact, the LCD screen may need to be replaced.

Phone Not Responding to Keypad Commands

Keypad is Dirty

Remove the keypad and gently clean

Broken Keypad

If cleaning does not work, replace the keypad.

Broken Motherboard

If keypad is clean and intact replace the motherboard.

Phone Won't Take Photos

Jammed Camera Button

Verify the button used to take photos is not jammed or stuck. Use tweezers to pull it out if it is jammed. If this does not work replace the keypad.

Broken Camera

If keypad is intact try replacing the camera.

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