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Nokia 6310i Troubleshooting

Cell phone will not turn on

The phone does not turn on when you press the power button.

Faulty charger or battery

If the battery does not charge, the charger may be faulty. First, check the charger with a working Nokia cell phone. If the screen does not display "Charging", the charger is probably broken. You can buy a new charger.

If the charger is working, but the battery does not charge, you may need to replace the battery.

Broken motherboard

If none of these methods make the phone turn on, the phone might have a bad motherboard. To learn how to replace the motherboard, see Nokia 6310i Motherboard Replacement.

Cell phone has no reception or poor reception

The phone has no reception or poor reception.

Carrier problem

Your service provider probably has a technical difficulty. Mobile carriers turn off or tune down cell phone towers to a safe power level prior to provide service. Check with the provider if they have any service maintenance in your area.

Dislocated antenna

The flat copper antenna inside the phone might be loose if you dropped the phone. To learn how to replace the antenna, click here.

Corroded antenna

Humid weather or water vapors may corrode the antenna. If you see rust between the copper antenna and the copper contacts on the circuit board, it is very likely that you have a corroded antenna. Rust will block the connection between the antenna and the circuit board and it will hinder the phone's reception significantly. Therefore, you will have to replace the antenna.

Cell phone screen does not work

The screen does not display images or only displays particular images.

Cracked screen

If the screen is cracked, you will want to replace it with a new LCD screen. Click here to see how to replace the screen.

Blank lit screen

If the screen lights up, but no text appears, it is likely that you will need to clean the motherboard and the display connector with motherboard cleaner. Click here to see how to access the motherboard.

Cell phone keypad does not work

You press the buttons but no text appears on the display.

Locked keypad

If a key icon appears on the top of the display, the phone is locked. Press Unlock and the "*+" key within 1.5 seconds to unlock the keypad, as described in the user manual.

Poor keypad contact

If a key icon does not appear on top of the display and no text appears after you press a button, dirt is probably blocking the keypad contact. Click here to clean the metal contacts of the buttons.

Broken keypad cover

If you do not hear a clicking sound when you press the buttons, it is very likely that the plastic keypad cover is broken. It is better to buy a new one than repairing it. A new Nokia 6310i keypad cover usually costs less than $5. See Replacing and Cleaning Nokia 6310i Keypad to replace it with a new keypad. You can buy a new one here.

Cell phone has no audio

The cell phone does not play sounds, or you cannot increase/decrease the volume.

Speaker problem

If you can make calls, but you do not hear any sound, the speaker might be damaged. See this guide for instructions about replacing the speaker.

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