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The base unit will not work.

The base unit isn't lighting up when the power cable is plugged in.

The power cable may not be plugged in.

Make sure the power cable is plugged in completely to the base unit and the wall outlet. Also, verify that your power source (the outlet) functions correctly.

The headset may not be charging.

The headset is not charging when everything is connected properly.

If your headset will not charge, then the golden headset connectors may be too dirty. Sometimes, dirt piles up on the headset preventing the flow of electric current to the battery. This can easily be fixed by using a cotton swab to thoroughly remove the dirt off of the connectors.

The headset will not turn on.

The headset is not lighting up when you push the center button.

The battery may be drained.

If your headset will not turn on, you may have a drained battery. Plug your headset into the base unit, and you should see a blinking yellow light. If you do not, you should verify that the headset is the problem by making sure the base unit is working.

The battery may be bad.

If the base unit is not the problem and you have tried charging the headset, you should reset the headset. If resetting the headset does not work and your battery is not holding a charge you may need a new battery. You can follow the steps here to replace the battery.

No sound is coming from the speaker.

You can barely hear or can't hear the person on the line, despite the headset being on.

The volume controls may need to be adjusted.

The problem may be that the volume on your headset is too low. Volume can be adjusted by the dial located on the top part of the headset.

The battery may be low.

A low battery could be affecting the volume, so make sure the device is fully charged.

Abnormal or excessive sound is being emitted from the speaker.

You hear beeps, distorted sound, or too much background noise.

Try resetting the headset. If this does not fix these problem, you may need to replace the speaker. You can follow these steps for replacing the headset speaker.

The power button is jammed.

The button will not move or is stuck in a permanently pressed position.

The button may simply be crooked. Try wiggling the button around in an attempt to straighten it.

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I reset and replaced the battery and head set still not working even though the charge light is flashing and has been for 2 days

michael - Yanıt

My headset is not working. It appears to be the base unit, as I have cleaned the gold connections and the charge light will not illuminate no matter what. The power light is on, but the charge light is not. I have unplugged/replugged everything.

hoffmantm - Yanıt

I have had problems with either batteries holding the charge. Then, our IT replaced the headset, I believe it was a refurbished set. It worked great for about 4 weeks, now it pukes out after 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours of use. Very frustrated. What is the problem?

mwittebols - Yanıt

I am no longer able to place a call by picking up the headset. I have to take the handset off the cradle.

Barry Hartman - Yanıt

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