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RCA CC310 Troubleshooting

Camcorder will not turn on

First, make sure the battery is in the camcorder.

Battery is depleted

Connect the charger to the battery charging port on the camcorder and to a power source. If you are plugging your charger into a power strip, make sure that the strip is plugged into the wall, and that the switch is in the "on" position. Let the battery charge for a few hours before next usage.

Power source is not supplying electricity

If the camera still will not turn on after being connected to a power source for a few hours, the power source might not be supplying electricity. Try to connect the charger to a different power source.

Battery is not charging

Connect charger correctly

Double check that the charger is connected correctly to battery charging port on the camcorder.

Switch power supplies

Make sure the power source you are plugging your charger into supplies power. Do this by trying a different power source. If the battery is still not receiving charge after a few hours, consider purchasing a new battery. Review the repair guide for changing the battery.

RCA CC310 Battery Replacement

Bad charger

If the charger is correctly plugged into the camcorder and to a power source that supplies electricity, then the charger may not work. Consider purchasing a new charger.

Tape will not eject

First make sure that you are pressing the "EJECT" button above the tape deck.

No power

Check that the battery is charged and the camcorder is on.

Tape gate release is broken

If the camcorder is charged and the "EJECT" button is functioning properly, but the tape still will not eject then the motor may need to be replaced.

Viewfinder is black or not clear

Lens cover is on

Take the lens cover off from the lens.

Autofocus is off

Near the front of the camcorder, by the side button panel, move the switch from "Manual" to "Autofocus." If image is still not focused, switch option back to "manual" and rotate the lens until the image is focused.

Lens is dirty

Gently blow on your lens. This should remove any dust or dirt that lingers. Use a cloth to rub the lens free of fingerprints or remaining dust. Don't press to hard on the lens. For dirt, consider using a cleaning brush specifically for lens. Use the brush very lightly as well.

Replace the viewfinder

Make sure both the lens and the viewfinder lens are clean. If still unclear, rotate the focus knob located on the left side of the viewfinder until the image is focused. If the image is still not clear, refer to the repair guide on replacing the viewfinder.

RCA CC310 Viewfinder Replacement

Camcorder will not play video back

First make sure there is a tape in the deck.

Slide switch to "PLAYBACK"

Be sure to slide the camera/playback switch to playback located on the top button panel.

Tape is dirty

If playback screen is blue or not playing, it is possible that the tape is dirty. If you have compressed air, use it with the straw attachment to blast air on either side of the openings the tape feeds through. Also blast air in the hole on the underside of the tape. This will dislodge dust and dirt that may have accumulated. Try playback again to see if viewing has improved.

Cable is shorted

Check the cable connecting the camera and the viewfinder. If there are cuts or breaks in the cable, then that could be the reason the video is not playing back. Consider replacing the cable to play the video back.

No audio during playback

Turn up the volume

Check that the volume dial on the bottom-rear of the camcorder is turned toward "max."

Cable to speaker is shorted

If audio is not playing back after you have turned the volume dial completely toward "max," the cable may be shorted that connects to the speaker. Review the repair guide for replacing the on board speaker.

RCA CC310 Onboard Speaker Replacement

Onboard microphone malfunctioning

If the audio is not playing back after you have turned the volume completely toward "max," the onboard microphone may be broken. Review the repair guide for replacing the onboard microphone.

RCA CC310 Onboard Microphone Replacement

Wrong time displayed

The wrong time is displayed in the viewfinder.

Clock battery is dead

If the timestamp clock in the viewfinder resets after changing the camcorder battery, your clock battery has died. Check the back panel of the camcorder for the "Clock Battery" latch and replace the clock battery. To do this, push the clock battery down, and the battery should pop out. Make sure the side of the battery with the writing is facing outward when replacing.

Reset the time

Find the flip down door under the side button panel. Set the time using the "select" and "advance" buttons.

Effect buttons not working

First, make sure that the camcorder is turned on. If there is water damage, or the camera is on and the buttons aren't functioning still, you may have to replace the effect button circuit board. Review the repair guide below to do this.

RCA CC310 Effect Button Circuit Board Replacement

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