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Gear Fit Won't Turn On

Your Gear Fit fails to boot.

Check to Make Sure You're Booting Properly

If your Gear Fit is unresponsive and won't start up first check to make sure you're holding the power button down for at least 3 seconds to start the device.

Make Sure the Gear Fit is Charged

If your Gear Fit remains unresponsive, it may be due to a lack of charge in the battery. This can happen from extensive use or if the device is left uncharged for extended periods of time. Connect your Gear Fit to its charger and make sure the charger is plugged securely into a power supply.

Battery Failure

If your Gear Fit still will not turn on it may be necessary to replace the battery. Click here for a guide on how to replace the battery.

Extensive Screen Lag/Freezing and/or System Crash

Your Gear Fit freezes, lags, or crashes.

Close All Apps

If your gear fit suffers from lag/freezing or crashing it may be due too many programs running on the device at once. If your touch screen is still responsive attempt to close all applications you have running. If your touch screen is not responsive, try the "Touchscreen is Unresponsive" topic on this guide.


If your Gear Fit has an unresponsive touch screen or closing all apps fails to fix your issue, attempt to restart your device. You can do this by holding down the power button for 7 seconds.


If your issue persists through restarting your device, it may be necessary to reset your Gear Fit. Note that this will delete all data currently stored on your device. It is recommended to have backed up all important data to a separate location before attempting this. To reset your Gear Fit go to Settings → Reset Gear Fit

Unresponsive Gesture Recognition

Your Gear Fit is not responsive to motion control.

User Motion

Check to see if your device is simply failing to recognize your motions or is not registering them at all. Execute the desired motion slowly and deliberately. If the motion is recognized then your previous inputs may have been to quick.

Check Which Hand You're Wearing your Gear Fit on

Make sure your Gear Fit knows the correct hand you're wearing it on. To set this, go to Settings → Display → Wrist Worn On

Gyroscope and Accelerometer

If your Gear Fit is failing to register your gestures or you cannot get it to properly register them, it may be an issue with the gyroscope or accelerometer of the device. These parts may need replacement.

Touchscreen is Unresponsive

Your touchscreen won't respond to your swipes no matter how much you do, but pressing the home button still works.

Foreign Substances

Is the finger you are using and the screen itself clean? The screen may not register your finger motions if there is dirt or a liquid on your finger or the screen. Wash your hands and dry them, and wipe the screen clean.

Protector Film

Check to see if the device has a screen protector. If the device does have one check to see if it is on correctly. It may be inhibiting contact with the screen if it is on incorrectly.


Turn the Fit off and on. This may fix the problem.

Screen Failure

If the device still is not registering it may be complete screen failure. At this point you can try to replace your screen using our replacement guide, or send it into Samsung. Click here for a guide on replacing the screen of your Gear Fit.

Heart Rate Is Not Being Tracked

You are working out and you notice that your hear rate is not being tracked.


Check to see if the device is on. The device may have run out of battery while you were running. Recharge the battery if it is drained, if not just simply hold the on button to turn the device back on.


Make sure that there is no clothing or material obstructing the heart rate sensor from your skin.


If the heart rate sensor still does not work restart the device. Check to see if the device is registering your heart rate now.

Heart Rate Hardware Failure

If the device's heart rate sensor still is not functioning, the heart rate sensor chip may have been damaged. You can either replace the sensor yourself or send it into Samsung for repair.

Cannot Connect Gear Fit to Other Devices Via Bluetooth

You cannot connect your phone, tablet etc. to the Gear Fit.

Device Compatibility

If the Gear Fit is not connecting to your desired device, make sure your device is compatible. The list below gives all the compatible devices to the Gear Fit.

  • Phones
    • Galaxy S3
    • Galaxy Note2
    • Galaxy S4
    • Galaxy Mega 5.8
    • Galaxy Mega 6.3
    • Galaxy S4 Zoom
    • Galaxy S4 Active
    • Galaxy S4 Mini
    • Galaxy Note3
    • Galaxy Grand2
    • Galaxy Note3 Neo
    • Galaxy S5
  • Tablets
    • Galaxy Tab 10.1
    • Galaxy Tab4 8.0
    • Galaxy Tab4 7.0
    • Galaxy TabPRO 12.2
    • Galaxy TabPRO 10.1
    • Galaxy TabPRO 8.4
    • Galaxy NotePRO 12.2
    • Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

Device is Out of Range

If the device is compatible to the Gear Fit then make sure it is within 30 ft. of the watch. Also make sure there are no obstacles between the two devices such as walls, human bodies, or fences.

Mobile Device Antenna

When connecting the device to the Gear Fit, ensure that its antenna is not being touched by your hand. The device's antenna may also be damaged causing no connection between the Gear Fit.

Software Update

Having the latest version of the Gear Fit Manager App is necessary for the device to connect to the Gear Fit.

Battery Drainage

Battery quickly drains after use and does not meet the expected 3-4 day battery life.

Device Overuse

The battery may be overused from screen brightness and constantly turning it on. Constant charging which shortens the life expectancy and may require a replacement.

Battery Replacement

The battery may be dead and require a new one. For battery replacement refer you may refer to our guide on how to do it. Click here for a guide on replacing the battery of your Gear Fit.

Additional Information

If your problem is not covered here or you require additional information to fix your device, the following links may help.

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try "Connection Fixer for Gear Fit" in google play.

ensanamarezost1 - Yanıt

My gear fit 90E5 keeps disconnecting from Bluetooth any idea why

Stuart - Yanıt

My gear fit screen is going in and out flashing and you can't see screen. Only had it a year. Called samsung they said it would cost $108.00 to fix it. BS, i only paid $100 for it a year ago. Took it to best buy to get them to do a factory rest and update worked for 4 days then started acting up agian.

Trena Bennett - Yanıt

I keep getting a 0EF1 error message when booting up to connect.

nicholascowell12 - Yanıt

Please help me out with this issue

nicholascowell12 - Yanıt

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