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Sanyo VPC S1275 Troubleshooting

Camera will not turn on


If your camera is not turning on there might be a problem with your batteries. The batteries could have a number of issues.

1. Batteries are dead.

2. Batteries are inserted in the wrong directions.

3. Batteries are missing.

If you are having one of these problems, visit the Battery Replacement guide.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen could be malfunctioning causing it to appear that the camera is not turning on. If you feel this is the problem, visit the LCD replacement guide.

Function Set

The function is the set of the buttons to the side of the LCD screen. This set controls the zooming, the menu options, and the play function. Problems can happen during usage.

1. Function set is water damaged.

2. Zooming buttons do not work.

3. Menu function will not work.

4. Play function will display on LCD.

5. Scene selection function will not work.

6. Cannot erase images from memory card.

If you are encountering any of these problems, visit our Function Set Replacement guide.

Camera lens malfunction

Lens Error: 0x2119, camera shuts off

This message is displayed when attempting to zoom in with camera.

Lens Error: 0x0211, camera shuts off

This error means there is a mechanical failure in mechanism that extends the camera lens. The cameras lens can have misaligned gears or the gears may be obstructed by debris.

The whole lens mechanism can be replaced. However, in order to get to the lens mechanism, the logic board must be removed, which requires 17 desolders. The logic board will then need to be put back in place, requiring 17 re-solders. Unless you feel extremely confident with your soldering capabilities, you will more than likely damage the the cameral more severly trying to attempt this.

Camera LCD screen will not display anything

The LCD screen could have one of the following problems.

1. LCD screen is cracked.

2. LCD screen electrical ribbon has a poor connection.

3. LCD has water damage.

4. LCD screen is old and needs replacement.

If you think your LCD screen has one of these problems, visit LCD Replacement guide.

Case Problems

Your case holds all of the functioning parts in place for proper function. Problems can easily arise with the case.

1. Case is cracked.

2. Case is scratched.

3. You wish to replace case with a case of a new color.

4. Battery flap is not locking.

If your camera has any of these problems, visit our Case Replacement guide.

Flash will not work

The flash might have one of the following problems if it is not working.

1. Flash received water damage.

2. Flash has a poor connection.

3. Flash casing is cracked or missing.

4. Flash tube/bulb is dead or broken.

If you experience any of these difficulties, visit the Flash Mechanism repair guide.

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Hi, I have a Sanyo VPC S1070 and when I turn it on I get a lens error 0x01110000 and it shuts down. Lens does not extend out when it turns on. Can you please tell me what this means & what I can do to fix it?

Thank You,


Trina Hursh - Yanıt

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