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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

The sun lamp will not turn on

The sun lamp will not illuminate when the ON/OFF button is pushed. Look below for a number of issues that could be the cause.

Battery Issues

In order to isolate the battery, turn the lantern ‘’LED side down’’. Remove the two screws found at each end of the device. The orange casing will easily lift off of the rest of the device. Once the device is separated, locate the battery. The battery will say ‘’Lithium-ion Battery Pack’’.

Drained/Dead Battery

Check to make sure that the battery is not drained or dead. Allow the sun lamp appropriate amount of time to charge in a well-lit area. If the battery will no longer charge, the battery may need to be replaced.

If you have one available, you could also test the voltage of the battery with a multimeter to see if the battery is dead. Check out this multimeter device page for more information.

Click here for a guide to replacing the battery.

Disconnected Battery

Check to make sure that the battery is properly connected to the device. One red wire and one black wire connect the battery to the device. Firmly press downwards on white clip to ensure that a good connection is made.

Click here for a guide to reconnect the battery.

Solar Panel Issues

If the solar panel is not allowing the device to charge, there is an issue with the panel itself or the charging cable.

First, inspect the charging cable for damage. If there is no visible damage to the exterior charging cable, follow it to a black plastic box on the back of the solar panel. Open the box by sliding the lid of the box in the direction indicated by the downward arrow printed on the lid. Once the lid is off, check the internal wires for damage. Damage indicates that the cable is not properly connected to the solar panel and will need to be replaced.

If the charging cable is working properly, you will need to replace the solar panel component. Cracked or damaged solar panels will also need to be replaced.

The wrist strap is no longer attached

If the wrist strap is no longer attached, the first issue may be that it has been seated wrong after opening the case. This can be solved by re-seating the wrist strap.To properly seat the wrist strap, open the case and on both sides perpendicular to the screws, there are two molded rectangular holes. Each end of the wrist strap sits in the holes closest to the edge of the case.

Another issue may be that the wrist strap has broken, if so, the wrist strap will need to be replaced.

Click here for a guide to replace the wrist strap.

Lamp is not as bright as it once was

Burnt out LED

If the Sun King Solar Lamp is not as bright as expected, check to make sure that all of the LED lights are working properly. Burnt out bulbs will prevent the lamp from illuminating even if the rest of the device is working properly. If the LED lights are burnt out, then the LED circuit board will need to be replaced.

Moisture in the device

Inspect the case of the sun king solar lamp. If there is moisture or a fog around the LEDs, open the case and wipe down the clear cover with a dry soft cloth. Before putting the lamp back together, inspect the O-ring and make sure that it is properly seated. If this O-ring is not seated properly, then moisture is allowed to enter the case near the LEDs.

If the Sun King Solar Lamp is foggy in the area without the LEDs open the case and wipe the moisture out with a dry soft cloth. Inspect the rubber mounts for the stand and make sure that these are damage free and seated properly. This would be the cause of moisture in this area.

Click here for a guide to cleaning the lamp housing.

Click here for a guide to replace damaged seals.

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i have solar king Solo Solar emergency light.. some day ago my light is automatically start. now i am trying to start it but it can not start.. battery is in good condition. when i charge in sun light charging light is blinking.. how can i solve this problem... is that any problem with PCB..... ????

mackshinde007 - Yanıt

What if it's not charging?

Godwin Idewa - Yanıt

I think that the problem of '''solar lights''' is because there are a lot of parts and components, some technologies are not closed, and some use fake materials.

Bluntzhou - Yanıt

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