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The Sega Genesis (also known as the Mega Drive) is Sega's most successful video game console.

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Bad, Noisy, buzzy sound


Today I plugged my old sega genesis (I'm writing from Portugal, here we call it mega-drive), didn't use for at least 10 years. The last time I used it, it was good, I'm almost shure didn't have any problem.

Today, I plugged it and I notice the image was bad, but the worst part was the sound. I'm gonna try to describe the best I can, with my bad english, the sound was buzzy, noisy... I thought it could be a problem with the tv, or the cable, so I plugged my headphones to the genesis, and it was the same. I'm sure the problem is with the console.

I've read it could be the voltage regulator, is there any way to test them? DO you have any idea of what could be?

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silva1983, the very first thing I'd try is to clean the game port, check on here fir a guide for that. After that check all the connections, and see if you have an RF switch, and make sure that you TV and console are on the same channel. Let us know how you connected the Genesis and what TV you are using.

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I just found the solution for my same problem,

Try another original AC adapter,

I tried a same rating famicom adapter and I worked fine,

Try it,

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You likely have the wrong ac adapter. Make sure at has an input of 120V-60Hz, and an output of DC9V-1.2A. If it doesn't, than that's your problem. If not, I would recommend that you clean the cartridge slot, and the cartridge itself.

I hope that fixes your problem.

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The AC adapter might be wrong, make sure its for the GENESIS 1 ONLY, there are the 2 and 3, they dont work on the 1

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Well you would be doing well to put a genesis 2 adapter into a 1 as the barrel jack is a different size


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