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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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Keeps restarting after battery replacement

Hey guys.

A customer has just brought an iPad 3 4G into me a company had replaced the screen for him.

The screen had come away & the LCD was pushed out also the iPad would no longer power on.

He did take it back to the company that replaced the screen but they basically said there was nothing they could do so he approached me.

When i looked at it what had happened was the battery all 3 cells had expanded which was causing the LCD up & it had forced the screen off.

The customer said there was what looked like an oily residue under the screen before the screen came off.

I inspected it as i suspected the battery had leaked but i could not fine any signs of leakage.

I did notice who had replaced the screen not only used the adhesive that comes with the screens but they also used LOCA adhesive also not sure if this has any effect i was always told never use any other adhesive other than the pre cut strips provided.

I replaced the battery & the iPad started up OK.

I noticed when i was putting it back together the motherboard where it joins just above the 2 parallel screws it had come apart normally this stays together so not sure if this could be anything to do with the issue?

After reassembling & starting up there was less than 20% battery in it it all stayed on no problems.

I put it onto charge & left it overnight on a wall charger not my Mac. it had only charged up to 58% & it was starting up for a few minutes then it restarts i powered it off & it then charged up to 100%.

I took it off charge but it now powers on for about 4 to 5 minutes then restarts.

Has anyone had this issue before if so how did you resolve it?

Could this be a fault with the new battery i only have the one battery so don't have another to test it.

Or any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks guys.


Hi Guys

With regards to the motherboard coming apart i'm uploading an image.

I'm guessing this is going to be a big problem?

Block Image

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Thank you for your suggestions guys.

I have tried 2 new batteries in the iPad both with the same result it just keeps restarting.

The motherboard is in the original housing it came with so it can't be that.

I didn't think that module at the top would be the cause of the issue but i needed to ask

its puzzling that when the battery gets down to 20% or less it doesn't keep restarting over & over.

It may be possible that the original battery had leaked i may try cleaning with alcohol.


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As far as motherboard breaking this is the best case scenario. You have separation of the regular WiFi module and the cellular module. This thing is soldered on with a flex connector---so that should be a straightforward fix.

It would seem like the iPad wouldn't care whether or not the 4G piece was attached, but in my experience I've had an iPad freak out like that when I put a CDMA board into a GSM housing for example. I would set the board right first, and then troubleshoot the reboot problem.


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Kenny---what I meant was that the iPad DOES care if the 4G board is attached or not. What may be going on is a conflict with some baseband logic when the iPad does not detect the 4G board---then it just begins a boot loop.

Another hypothesis is to look for damage near the battery connection under a microscope. There is behavior just like this on the iPad mini when a miniscule component gets flicked off near the battery connector. The result is that the iPad loses its gas gauge function---it no longer reports the correct battery percentage. As a result, the battery may show 58%---but in reality it is 1%. The iPad continues to try and boot rather than prompt the low battery icon. Something similar could be going on here.

In general though, bending a motherboard is the worst thing that can happen to an iPad---if you think of the board as a brillo pad of wires encased in plastic, if any of those tiny wires break inside the board, then that is one of the few things that truly can't be repaired.


Hi Jesse

Yeah I've tried 2 batteries in there now & same result from both it just keeps freaking out after being fully powered on for 2 minutes (I've just timed it)

Its similar to when a Mac goes into Kernel Panic where the screen goes dark them wipes from left to right before turning off & straight back on again

I need someone who can repair it replace motherboard with a good working one.

Thanks for your suggestions


My iPad Air reads 1% or 58% what is the solution to solve this? Please help, my sons iPad battery died and I tried to replace it.


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It SOUNDS like a battery issue.

I've seen that with iPhones as well. When the battery goes bad or is faulty it jumps around in %'s and then can die randomly. Not sure about the logic board, but I can't imagine that's not bad.

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i have the same problem. it is twofold.

-keeps rebooting itself after 3-6 minutes of being turned on.

-when plugged into the wall, an overnight charge only restores charge from 0 to 75%- it shoud fully charge in a couple of hours!

while all this is happening, it is downloading and installing the latest ios version!

so maybe replace the motherboard will fix the problem?

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I recently replaced the battery of an Ipad 3 4G using a "non-apple" battery, and experienced the same problem. The Ipad did not recognise the battery level, and rebooted every 2-3 minutes. After every reboot it showed a different battery level, and on the lock screen it didn't show that it was plugged to a charger. So obviously it had to do with the battery gauge...

After making sure no damage occurred while working on the iPad, (Motherboard) I ordered an original Apple Battery and replaced the non original.

That solved the problem immediately, now it's charging without reboot and everything went back to normal.

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I found what causes the problem you are describing. Next to the battery connection on the motherboard. There are 6 resistors. When disconnecting the battery it is easy to displace one.(as I did) as soon as you power on and run for awhile the OS checks the battery level the pad reboots and then the percentage of battery life changes.

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Hi, I have the same problem as above. I don't know have any resistor came off. any idea how to fix it?


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Have you fixed your problem? I have the same issue and I do not know how to fix the ribbon cable.

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I have the same issue. My flex connector is broken at the cellular board and it is about 1/4 detached. There is not a place to solder it back and have not attempted to search for the flex cable. My ipad is not booting up and after about 3-4 minutes after the hello screen it reboots. Does anyone know if I fix the flex, then it will work fine again? I have DFU updated it a few times already without fixing the reboot issue. Also, it did not randomly reboot until after I removed the board to replace the headphone flex assembly.


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I hope you have managed to solve your problem. I would like to post my solution in case i can help someone. I had the exact same issue. Ipad 4 4g version with snapped data module flex cable. I ordered the replacement flex from ebay and aliexpress but due to covid-19 lock down, they have not been delivered to me after 3 months. So i fixed it the old fashioned way. The ipad works,the bootlooping has stopped and also data connection (2g-3g-4g)works.

I am sorry for the “glowing” but i took the picture after i applied loca glue for isolation.


Block Image

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