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The Brother MFC-490CW is a all-in-one color inkjet printer released in July 2009.

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How to change a print head on Brother MFC-490CW?

How do I replace the printhead and reconfigure the software thereafter ?

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Use the guide to replacing the print head:

Brother MFC-490CW Print head Replacement

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Hi Henry,

thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I cannot open the link. I get an error message: "forbidden access".


Hi Guido,

The guide is being revised, but hopefully, the guide will be accessible by next week. Post any questions you have once the guide is available.



Hi Henry,

do you have any news about the guide?


Hi Guido,

I will email to see if they will publish the guide. I will let you know their response as soon as they reply.



Hi Henry,

My printer works again!

I found a new print head at an affordable price at

Nice guide dude!




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