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Background and Identification

The Brother MFC-490CW is a multifunction color printer manufactured by Brother USA. It can print documents up to 33 per minute in black and white or 27 documents in color.

It can print black and white or color photos or various sizes, up to 8.5x11. The photo bypass tray can hold up to 20 4x6 glossy paper.

The Brother MFC-490CW can also fax, scan and copy documents using a variety of ways. The printer is equipped with a document feeder that can handle up to 15 documents/photos, USB and media card ports or through a network, via Ethernet connection or wireless connection.

This model can be identified by the sleek black and gray top along with the front panel that houses everything from the LCD screen to the media storage slots.


If there are problems with your printer visit the troubleshooting page here, Brother MFC-490CW Troubleshooting page

Additional Information

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