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Originally released in 2006, the NeatDesk is a desktop document scanner with ADF and full-duplex features. The early revision has model number "ADF-070108" and the newer revision is model "ND-1000."

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My scanner does not respond when paper is inserted.

My scanner powers up but does not respond when paper is inserted. What's the problem and how do I fix it? Thanks!

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Make sure paper is aligned properly. The rolls should turn trying to feed paper when you click on scan. If they are not rolling make sure communication is active between computer and scanner.

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Great answer - thanks!


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The board in the door needs replaced or the plastic fingers are broke

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My scanner's lights are green at first when I try to scan. It makes a buzzing noise but the paper does not move. Then the lights start flashing red. It appears there is communication, but the scanner is malfunctioning. What do I try from here?

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