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Aspire 5315 Series features Intel Celeron mobile processor and Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset

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Why is my laptop not booting up after ram upgrade

I tried to upgrade my ram from 1 to 2gb i inserted a 1gb ram computer would not boot up works fine with 1gb what can i do to solve this

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I have the same problem, but the matter is the laptop doesn't boot with the old and the new RAM


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Both of your SODIMM RAM modules should be the same type and speed i.e. IGb - SODIMM Pc2-4200 ddr2 (ddr2 533 MHz).

Do both 1Gb modules work when installed alone? If not one might be faulty.

Do both 1Gb modules work when installed alone in either memory slot? If not, a memory slot may be faulty. (if a slot hasn't been used before, try gently installing and uninstalling the ram module(not with the laptop on). It may clean the contacts in the slot.

Here is a link to the Acer Aspire Quick Specs Sheet.

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thanks both rams work alone but not in combination will give contacts a clean


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Did you just add another dim of ram to what was already there and did you match the Ram speed and latency to the original dim . If the timing isn't the same there will be no joy. Will the computer run with just the new stick without the old . There is a possibility you got a bad ram right out of the box it wouldn't be the first time. I have received a few doa in my time.

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thanks for your answer both rams work by themselves but not in combination


do both ram dims work in both sots and are the rams the same speed


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