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The first Android smartphone from Google, the Pixel XL (Model Number: G-2PW2100) was launched October 20, 2016. It has a 5.5-inch AMOLED display, 3450 mAh battery, and 32 or 128 GB storage options.

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Where exactly is the NFC module?

I wanted to know where the NFC module is, NOT THE CONTROLLER. Could you put a descriptive diagram with the NFC module in exploded view vs where it is with the case on. Thank you.

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Hello ,

EDIT: Removed incorrect information. Adding a diagram for the info you need.

The diagram can be found at the IFixIt tear-down page

Google Pixel XL Teardown


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Keegan Bourque


You really have no idea what that part is right?

That second image is the back of a iPhone 5 display assembly with all parts installed. The circled orange part is the back of an iPhone 5 earpiece speaker.


I just grabbed it off google, sorry for the miss communication, I was replying quick. I would recommend looking for the IFixIt guide on the google pixel tear down. I will provide a line below;

Google Pixel XL Teardown

I will also make an edit to remove the incorrect parts of this.


you are not allowed to fish for business in the answers forum. If you wish to help people, please do. But you are currently not doing so and are making yourself look like a poorly educated spammer.


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The Google Pixel XL's NFC pad is actually located behind the glass on the back, however, I find the most responsive spot right under the camera.

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