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Skips threading in between sewing.

Hey everyone!

So heres a good question. Does anyone know why a commercial grade juki sewing machine would be skipping stitches while sewing? I work at a location where this happens a lot and we have to outsource the labor for repairs. However it would be beneficial for the company to have someone there to fix this issue. Please let me know as far as what could be the issue and maybe how to go about this maybe? I do appreciate all of you guys and thank you for your help!


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It could be any of a number of issues:

  • thread/needle incompatibility
  • incorrect top/bottom thread tensions
  • blunt, worn or damaged hook
  • timing slightly out

* etc.

You will need to work through all possibilities, one by one, and, if still a problem then ask a Juki engineer to look at it,

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If it is used commercially, then it will accumulate a lot of debris quickly. That can prevent the rotating thread pickup under the plate from grabbing the thread and a missed stich occurs. On the other hand, your outsourced labor needs to eat also, so why deprive them?


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