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Updated Apple TV with second generation A5 processor / Released March 7, 2012

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Power supply screws broken off


I am in somewhat of (another) bother. I was taking apart my Apple TV (to upgrade to a USB power adapter) but when I went to put it back together (the USB power adapter wasn't working) the screws that hold in the (original) power adapter broke off half way.

The problem is now, (after I asked the manufacturer about the problem and they helped me fix it), I can't get the old power supply out because the left screw broke at such a height that I can't get the head of the adapter out of the ATV because it's stuck on the screw. I wasn't even screwing them in very hard and they both broke off.

Has anyone experienced this before? Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get it (power supply) out?

Help is much appreciated!


EDIT: Pictures

Block Image

Block Image

EDIT: Power adapter is freed!

Block Image

(Thanks to jayeff for your help)

I ended up scraping some of the screw away with a pair of scissors and a drill-bit.

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Try using a left hand drill bit to try and extract the broken screws. Use it with either a hand drill or if you have a steady hand, a variable speed (read slow speed) battery powered drill.

Here is a link to one supplier. There are others if this doesn't suit you.

To me, the screws look small but hopefully they are about approximately 2mm. If so, then there are drill bits available which you should be able to use. A 1/32" drill bit = .79mm and a 3/64" =1mm.

The idea is to drill into the screw and because it is drilling in anti-clockwise the screw will hopefully start to come out as you drill in. Stop when you have enough to get a good grab on it as you don't wish to drill all the way through and damage anything.

It may be prudent if you are considering this option to practice a bit first on some similar sized broken screws lodged in some wood etc. just to get the hang of it. You have to drill in "reverse" for it to go in.

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Thanks for that! I'll give it a go as soon as I can.

Merry Christmas :)



Good luck and Merry Christmas to you.


UPDATE: Thanks for your help. I was able to free the power adapter! :)


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There aren't any screws that hold the power supply in place. Do you mean screws holding the logic board in place? Can you please post a picture? So I can see what you've got?

Adding images to an existing answer

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Thanks for your reply,

There are screws that hold in the power supply, they aren't mentioned on the iFixit guided, but I think someone mentioned it in the comments of one of them.


If you can see, the left screw is slightly shorter than the right one, (both are broken though). It is preventing me from lifting the power supply out from the casing.

The screw locations are best seen on step 5 here: Apple TV 3rd Generation Power Supply Replacement (There's also a comment by user 'morpheuse' who mentions these screws).


When you say broken, do you mean stripped?


When I get the time, I'm going to be trying jayeff's solution, but I mean the screws actually broke, in half, separated. You can see in the second image that one is longer than the other, it's because one of them broke higher than the other.

Are they deliberately brittle? Or did I just run into some bad luck x2?


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