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2015 Mart ayında duyurulan ve 10 Nisan 2015’te piyasaya sürülen Galaxy S6, Galaxy serisinin önde gelen ürünüdür. Kavisli ekran versiyonu Galaxy S6 Edge olarak bilinir.

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Wont charge or turn on? Thermometer on battery comes up?

The phone had minor water damage but it worked after suffering that. Died recently and now wont charge or turn on. Tried a different battery and scrubbed the phone with isopropyl alcohol and still nothing. With one battery it wont do anything, with the original it does the thermometer thing and with a THIRD it just power cycles. Please help, this phone is a good friend of mine and he just wants the photos off of it. If anyone knows, i know the folks at Ifixit will! Thanks

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If it was in water the problem is the port make sure you blow into it after that grab a needle and clean it with the non sharp side


I just unplugged the battery for a half hour, hooked it back up and all good.


I just took the battery out n blowdried the phone with a hair dryer n put the battery back in and wah lahh it worked. Aint sayin it will work everytime on every phone. Just sayin what worked for me….. enjoy ur day.


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temp warning on batteries can be caused by a few different things. moreso since it has water damage. in order of operations, try these repairs

1) Corrosion cleaning: White film will build up on the device with water. this is conductive, and may create short circuits, causing it to draw too much current, and overheat. it spreads over time.

2) Battery fail: The battery may have issues with its integrity. replacing the battery will fix the issue.

3) Charge port fail: The charge port flex houses the Circuit that processes battery temperature. if that circuit is bad, then you will get the error specified.

4) Motherboard failure: if the motherboard has failures processing the signal, then likely you will have to replace the motherboard. this process is usually more expensive than it is worth, and i suggest replacing the device at that point.

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Thanks so much for your advice. I've tried most of that but I will try replacing the charger port.


Did it works?


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Is the battery original or a replacement? If the battery is original (check for DOM printing), start there due to the age of the phone. A lot of these have batteries from 2015 and they’re all old enough cell resistance is becoming a problem. Consider yourself lucky you don’t have an Active; you need to ruin the $100+ display to change anything inside the phone. Don’t spend too much since a lot of the S6 batteries now are 90-95% health refurbs with some being 80-89% health refurbs, especially on eBay. It probably wouldn’t hurt to caution the customer of this possibility if you’re doing it for someone else.

IPA has water in it which doesn’t make it the best cleaner for water damage. The best options are denatured alcohol (poisoned Vodka without a sin tax) or methyl alcohol. I would go back and do it again to displace the water and board junk properly. IPA works, but you can do better. Follow these instructions to clean the board. An ultrasonic cleaner and denatured alcohol displacement is the absolute best option to do it, but I recognize not everyone has that luxury.

Refer to this guide to change the battery.

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I guess I see why Samsung put that thermal sensor on the board.

The best way to fix this issue to replace the whole charging port board but there are other way to by pass this by removing the thermal sensor IC from the board if you need to have the phone to work ASAP.

But I wouldn't recommend doing it for long term solution as the sensor is there for purpose.

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